Military Debauchery: LGBT Activism Must Be Outlawed

Troops at an American military base in Japan on Saturday performed what is believed to be the first drag-queen show ever performed on an American military base. A crowning moment for America, no doubt.

The performers were a mixture of both normal soldiers and homosexual ones. They slathered on makeup, donned women’s clothing, and lip-synced to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” in “support for the base’s recently formed OutServe-SLDN chapter, a nonprofit advocacy group for the army’s LGBT community,” according to a write-up at

Only 75 tickets to the show were expected to be sold, but that number ended up being more than 400, a true testament to how popular debauchery has become in these modern times.

The article notes with seeming relish that “Just a few years ago, performances like these would have been grounds for a possible discharge. The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has made it possible for events like this to occur.”

In other words, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, one of President Bill Clinton’s few good policies, has turned America’s military into a disgusting international commercial for immorality, projecting to the world an image of weakness and girlishness. All the better to appease the world with, rather than to frighten and intimidate them as our military should. What hostile country’s army would be afraid of an effeminate soldier? What has the Left done to our military? No wonder Russia’s Vladimir Putin doesn’t take President Obama seriously.

This whole equality-for-all thing has really gotten out of hand. Nothing good can come about from rewarding people simply for existing rather than rewarding them based on merit. Yes, I see equal treatment as a reward, a reward that many–not most, but still many—people do not deserve, as I hope this drag-show story illustrates.

Be honest with yourself: How can equal treatment under the law for all individuals no matter what result in any good? Liberals are expected to be thoughtless, but why do even conservatives support such nonsense?

What happens when you give equal treatment under the law to homosexuals and transsexuals and other psycho-sexually disturbed deviants? What happens when you don’t put your foot down and say, “Sorry, bub, you’re turning America into an AIDS factory and you’re corrupting our children and you’re spreading not only a disgusting but a destructive message and you either have to stop voluntarily or you will be forcibly stopped”?

If we’re not tough with them, if we’re just going to bend over for their filth and cater to their desires under the brainless, feel-good guise of “equal treatment under the law,” we will get more filth, more rampant sexual perversion, and more destruction of our society. In short, we will get what we deserve.

Protecting LGBT activism under the First Amendment only proves that large, umbrella laws such as free-speech-without-thoughtful-exception are impractical and harmful to America. LGBT activism must be outlawed.