Mike Huckabee Slams the Clinton Family!

GOP Candidate for President Mike Huckabee was in Iowa this week when he took the opportunity to slam the Clinton family and their mutual Arkansas roots.

Is there anybody on our side that has a good opportunity to take on the Clinton political machine.

Folks, I’m the only one who has ever done it, because every election I ever ran in Arkansas. Every time, I didn’t just run against an opponent, I ran against the entire political apparatus they built over a 25 year period. And I’ll tell you something it is formidable.

I know most of you probably think the most Democratic state in the country is Massachusetts… In the 1990s, it was Arkansas.

When I was elected Lt. Gov., I was only the fourth Republican elected in 150 years.

When I was elected Lt. Gov., I got to the state capitol, and they were so happy to see me, the only Republican in the state capitol, that my door was nailed shut from the inside.

Literally nailed shut…

That was my introduction to the hardball politics that the Clinton political machine knows how to play. Every time I was on the ballot, both Hillary and Bill came and campaigned for my opponent. I’ve never been bitter about it, it made me a better candidate.

Here’s the fact: I not only took them on, I repeatedly beat them, and I lived to tell about it. That is why I am here today.