Michigan Public School Board Allows Muslims to Pray

The Michigan Public School Board gives Muslim students special privileges not allowed to Christians.

Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.” – Marilyn Ferguson

We—as a society—hate being negatively labeled. We hate it because we’ve learned that once a label is uttered, it usually sticks. Think of any high-profile political personality and certain words will immediately come to mind. Mitt Romney: rich, robotic, flip-flopper. Sarah Palin: dumb, crazy, hick. Ann Coulter: mean, insane, liar. These are the negative labels that have come to define these people in the public consciousness. Though the truth may be entirely different, it doesn’t matter, because the labels have been woven into the fabric of our perception.

According to an article from The Christian Post, certain public schools in Michigan have begun to allow prayer in school. I know what you’re thinking. This is outrageous! Isn’t that against the law?! Keep calm, ye separation of church, and state crusaders, for it is not Christians or Jews who are being allowed to pray, but Muslims. Whew! You can all go back to watching today’s Daily Show.

Stirring up the Constitutional storm, once again, is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Michigan chapter, which has reached a ‘negotiated’ settlement with the school board in Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit, which will give Muslim kids so-called ‘prayer accommodations’ in Dearborn Public Schools…CAIR lawyers ‘recently met with Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Brian Whiston to discuss concerns from some parents regarding prayer accommodations in Dearborn Public Schools’…Consequently, ‘Dearborn Public Schools has implemented a policy which fully accommodates student-led prayer in all the schools, as well as unexcused absences for students who leave early on Fridays for Jumu’ah prayers‘…”

This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I can pretty much guarantee that the Michigan school board capitulated to CAIR’s requests because they are afraid. Afraid of what? Being labeled a racist, or an Islamophobe.

Let’s alter the situation a bit. Let’s say that known Christian organization Focus on the Family tried to “negotiate” with public schools to allow Christians to pray in school, and leave early on Fridays for religious reasons. How do you think that would go down? It would become a national outrage, the likes of which would spark the left to battle. The leftist media would cry “separation of church and state!” and mush-brained sycophants across the nation would eagerly nod their heads in agreement. Even if a media firestorm did not occur, I doubt any public school would yield to demands made by Christians. Why? Because it’s not a big deal if you’re anti-Christian.

Christianity has been so badly damaged by modern culture that it has become a laughing stock. Anyone is allowed to mock Christianity (as is their First Amendment right), and we do so on a regular basis, but we are not allowed to mock Islam (Fist Amendment need not apply here). Christianity has been labeled as anti-progress, anti-woman, bigoted, xenophobic, and racist. There are a million other pejoratives used regularly in popular culture to denigrate Christianity, but my point is clear: Christians have been labeled the enemy, and as such, it’s ok to hate them. Islam, on the other hand, must not be slandered. If one utters one word against Islam, they are labeled a racist—or worse—an Islamophobe!

Over the last two decades, and especially post-9/11, the left has taken up the mantle of defending islam—no matter the situation. Because there are those who use the Koran as justification for their evil actions (radical Islamic terrorists), the left has come to believe that mean, bigoted people will use that evil as an excuse to hate, and harm peaceful Muslims. This notion is ridiculous, and insulting, given the great majority of Americans posses the ability to distinguish good from evil. I know! It sounds crazy, but most people can tell the difference between a terrorist, and their neighbors Larry, and Susan Hussein. But to the left any perceived slight, any restriction of Islam—even if it is based on pre-existing law—is Islamophobic. And we don’t like negative labels. They tend to stick.

However, this label fear is suffocating, and it stands against everything we believe in as a people. Obviously, if our actions demand it, certain labels do apply. If someone takes an axe to their husband, they should be labeled a murderer. That’s not the point I’m arguing. My point is that we are restricting our rightful behavior because we are afraid of being labeled as something that we are not. And where I come from, that’s called oppression.