Michelle Obama Denounces Money in Politics; Asks Donors for a “Big, Fat Check”

When liberals bemoan money in politics, they don’t actually mean all money. Just the money that goes to support the other team. They’re perfectly fine with taking large donations for themselves from rich liberals and organizations. In fact, they depend on it.

That’s just the reality of politics today. No one’s holding public office these days out of a sense of altruism and love for country. Save for maybe a handful of politicians, no one cares about this country. They care about themselves. They care about getting rich and achieving power. Of course, they do that by telling everyone how much they love their country and how they only want to make it a better place. They have to lie and make empty promises to win people’s support. If politicians were honest about their true intentions, no one would vote for them.

So, in today’s political arena, if money and politics were actually divorced from one another, it would defeat the whole purpose of politics.

Ironically, one of the ways the Democrats rake in the dough is by denouncing money in politics. Here’s the Washington Times:

First lady Michelle Obama on Thursday night urged Democrats to “dig deep” into their pockets and “write a big fat check” before the midterm elections, but minutes later complained of too much money in politics.

Speaking at a party fundraiser in Chicago, Mrs. Obama said Democrats must triumph in the November contests if President Obama is to make progress on his agenda during the final two years of his term.

She also blasted special interest groups that funnel money to Republicans.

“So, yeah, there’s too much money in politics. There’s special interests that have too much influence. But they had all that money and all that influence back in 2008 and 2012 and we still won those elections,” she said.

Mrs. Obama then urged fellow Democrats to add even more money to the political system.

“There is something you can do right now today to make a difference, and that is to write a big, fat check. I kid you not,” she said. “I’m going to be honest with you. That’s what we need you to do right now. We need you to write the biggest, fattest check that you can possibly write.”

Again, they’re perfectly fine with lots of money in politics as long as that money is coming to them.