Michael Sam Wants Equality … and Special Treatment

Some of you may know that Michael Sam made history (history, people!) by being the first openly gay man to be drafted into the NFL! We’re all supposed to stand up and cheer apparently. Other people are puzzled that he wasn’t picked up earlier in the draft, almost like he was picked up only so the NFL could avoid a PR nightmare:

Why did it take so long for Sam to get drafted? Given that most seventh-round picks are largely throwaways, did the Rams draft Sam simply to save face for the league?


And, most poignantly, did 31 other teams want to avoid the image that came after Sam was finally drafted, when he kissed his boyfriend on live television?

I don’t know if I would call that “poignant.” Yeah. I’m already tired of this garbage. I’ll tell you why Michael Sam was drafted late. His combine/pro day numbers weren’t great. He’s not in college anymore. And really, it may be that this whole “gay” thing hasn’t done him good. And I can also tell you why Michael Sam was definitely going to be drafted no matter what: he’s the first openly gay NFL prospect, that’s why. And that’s just gay. If it’s really about the game, let it be about the game.

But homosexuals only pretend they want “equal” treatment. In fact, they want preferential treatment. They actually want to be treated differently. When an openly gay player gets drafted, that’s history! Not really. Not if his sexuality is just as normal as everyone else’s. Then his sexual preference doesn’t really make history does it?

That’s what is so annoying about the leftist paradigm. They always want it both ways. They want you to be color blind, unless we’re talking about affirmative action. They want you to treat Michael Sam just like any other NFL player, as long as that means he gets drafted in spite of his poor performance and then gets a congratulations from Barack Obama. Yeah. That makes sense. Obama congratulated all sorts of players who got into the NFL he would never let his son play for. No. No, he didn’t.

This is the reality today: the NFL will boot you for being a mediocre player if you’re an outspoken Christian with no PR fiasco. But just wait and see. The Rams have a toxic asset on their hands. If Michael Sam turns out to be a terrible player, there’s really nothing they can do about it.