Mexican President: Rick Perry’s Border Troops “Reprehensible.”

Why would Mexico denounce border troops in U.S. territory to enforce U.S. laws?

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” – George Orwell

I would love to live in a political landscape in which all things are equal, meaning that every politician and political philosophy would be examined, and scrutinized with the same vigor and depth. In this imaginary world, ludicrous ideas would be thrown out without a second thought, as would those who profess those ideas. As it stands (and as all of you reading this already know), we have an incredibly biased media. Combine that with the incredible unwillingness of many Americans to take more than a microsecond to do their own research, and you have a protected class. This class is made up of liberals, and their allies, and it is protected by the media, and good old fashioned American ignorance. One such liberal ally is Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto.

During an interview published last week, Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto called Texas Governor Rick Perry’s decision to deploy 1,000 national guard troops to the border “reprehensible.”

Not only is it displeasing, but I think it’s reprehensible…It is an attack on good relations and neighborliness.”

No, this is not a satire, and this is not a joke. The actual president of Mexico is that moronic. To illustrate my point, allow me to set up an analog.

Imagine that you own a home. This home is one you worked very hard for, and it has everything you wanted. You are very careful to keep your yard looking nice, and you do all you can to make sure your property is well kept. On the other hand, your next door neighbors live in squalor. Their house is run down, and their yard is a mess. You can tell by their living situation that they are quite poor.

One day, you come home from work to find that your next door neighbors have broken into your house. You find them sitting on your couch, eating your food, and watching your tv. You did not invite them over, nor did you imply that they were allowed over at any time. You call the cops, and your next door neighbors are sent back to their own house.

But the story isn’t over. These break-ins keep happening every day for weeks, and you’ve finally had enough. Your home is being invaded, and destroyed by people you don’t even know. So one day, you sit on the edge of your property with a gun. Your invasive neighbors see this, and become indignant. They are absolutely offended that you would have the nerve to defend your own property from their recurring invasion.

Any normal human being would find the behavior of the neighbors—as well as their offense at being kept out–ludicrous, yet that is exactly what is happening to the United States today. And many of those same people who would find this story crazy actually support what Enrique Pena Nieto said.

Our country is being invaded. We have what is essentially a wide open border through which anyone can come—including drug smugglers, human sex traffickers, violent criminals, and terrorists. Rick Perry merely wants to do what the federal government won’t do: protect his constituents.

Nieto claims that Perry’s behavior is an attack on neighborliness, but neighborliness runs both ways. One side cannot be abusive, and expect the other side to welcome it with open arms–or borders, for that matter.

Nieto also claims that Perry’s move is bad for inter-country relations. He is the president–supposedly the ultimate upholder of the law—and apparently, his position is that lawbreaking is perfectly acceptable. I’m not certain I want good relations with a nation whose president has such little regard for the law. Given that, I would like to ask Nieto what he thinks we should do in terms of border security. I would also ask him why he believes Mexico’s harsh illegal immigration policies are adequate for his country, but reprehensible for ours. I’m certain there would be wild incongruence there, thus exposing his stupidity, and hypocrisy.

The reality here is that the benefits of illegal immigration are great for Mexico. There are many reasons Mexico benefits from illegal immigration into the United States, not the least of which is financial. According to Victor Davis Hanson of National Review:

“No one knows how many billions of dollars illegal aliens annually send back to Mexico and other Latin American countries, but the figure may exceed $30 billion — a source of foreign exchange as valuable as oil exports or tourism.”

Our security, both physically and economically, is at stake. We cannot afford to take what this lunatic says seriously. Yet, the mainstream media is on Nieto’s side, so his pathetic ideas will be taken seriously by many Americans.