Merry Christmas: Do Your Part To Resist The Christmasphobes!

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” – Voltaire

What is our government so afraid of that they bow down to every rule in the political correctness handbook? Every December, rain or shine, something happens regarding PC Christmas haters that annoys me. Either a nativity scene is taken down because some loudmouth loser atheist is too angry at the world to let people live their lives, or some organization bans “merry Christmas.” This year, it happens to be the latter.


According to the Liberty Institute, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is refusing to allow school children to give Christmas cards to veterans if those cards say “Merry Christmas” or “God bless you.” Religious liberty lawyers have sent the VA a letter demanding they immediately lift the ban.

The story goes like this: a parent thought it would be a nice and kind idea to suggest that school children send letters and cards to wounded veterans. The holidays can be a depressing time for some, so it’s nice to give as much cheer as one can during this time of year. Upon delivery of those cards, the teacher, Susan Chapmen, was told that nothing with the words “Merry Christmas,” or anything referencing God would be allowed.

Of course, this has caused a huff. There are many things wrong with this story, however, I can’t help but wonder just who made the ultimate decision, and why. Why would someone not allow a federally recognized holiday’s name to be written on cards for veterans? There are multiple possibilities, none of which are very nice.

First, the decision-maker could be an angry-at-the-world atheist who has nothing better to do than to make everyone’s lives miserable. Second, the decision could be made out of fear. The fear to offend, and thus receive backlash, is a deep one. Regardless of the truth, it’s the core of this that bothers me.

At its core, this decision is an attack on Christmas, as well as Christianity in General. Such a huff has been made over freedom from religion in our society by an extremely vocal minority that we have become paralyzed by fear. We fear lawsuits, and bad publicity. Because of all this, we get lost in a season which is supposed to be about spiritual and family focus. We become tangled up in all the political mess, and in doing so, we lose the fight.

We are constantly being told that there is no “war on Christmas,” but that simply isn’t the case, because as long as the Left hates Christianity, they will hate Christian holidays. Don’t allow the PC nonsense distract you from your Christmas, but don’t pretend it doesn’t exist either. Pretending a problem doesn’t exist never makes it go away. We have to fight for our holiday.

Merry Christmas.