Melissa Harris-Perry: Is Everything about Race?

It wasn’t that long ago that ex-reporter Vester Lee Flanagan went off his rocker and killed a couple former co-workers, probably out of revenge because he got fired, and his white “racist” co-workers got to keep their jobs. He was one of these types that read into every little thing people said. If someone mentioned working “in the field,” Flanagan knew it was a racial slur referring to slaves working in the cotton fields.

If Flanagan were still alive and had his way, he’d probably work along side Melissa Harris-Perry. They seem to have nearly identical views on what constitutes “racism.” Everything is racist to these people. Of course, I’m sure eventually he’d claim that even Harris-Perry was racist.

According to Harris-Perry, conservatives need to be “super careful” when using terms like “hard worker,” because it makes it sound like minorities aren’t hard workers. Especially minorities who don’t have health insurance. She complained that conservatives call those people “failures” and say that they’re “sucking off the system.” She also said that she keeps a picture on her office wall of “folks working in cotton fields…because it is a reminder about what hard work looks like.”

She was responding to her guest Alfonso Aguilar, who is the executive director of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles. Aguilar said he thought that Paul Ryan would be a good pick for Speaker of the House, because he’s a “hard worker.” Harris-Perry had to stop the discussion and explain that that was racist. And then something about “relative privilege”:

Whether or not you think Paul Ryan is fit for the job isn’t the issue. I’m not a Paul Ryan fan, but I don’t doubt that he is a hard worker. Saying that someone is a hard worker doesn’t mean that you think that black people are lazy. Unless you’re Melissa Harris-Perry, in which case everything is racist.