Meet Generation Z … and Weep for the Future

The reproduction rate for Millennials is pretty low. We’re not even replacing ourselves in the United States. But that’s not the worst news for the future. The worst news is that the children we are having are … well, they’re awful. Meet Generation Z. Weep for the future:

Today’s children are growing up in a very different world, where technology is ubiquitous, materialism is rampant and “happiness” is the ultimate goal, to be pursued at all costs. It’s a world where many schools no longer have an “F” (for fail) grade, preferring to use the less confrontational “E”; all layers of pass-the-parcel have a prize and parents demand all kids in an athletics carnival be given ribbons. The BBC even rewrote the children’s classic Humpty Dumpty, so he could be put back together again, lest the littlies be upset.

Millennials are regularly faulted for being self-centered, lazy do-nothings who still live with their parents. But according to the data that’s now pouring in, Generation Z is far worse. Oof. Generation Z wasn’t introduced to electronics in high school. They were born with iPads in their hands. They grew up on streaming video and computer games. They have never been subjected to discipline or the harsh traumas of a little thing called reality. And Generation Z may very well be the generation that shepherds the United States off the edge of the cliff. But what do we do about it?

First, weep. And then, if you’re of childrearing years, have children and raise them well. If you don’t know how, ask your grandparents. My wife and I have five children growing up in a tight knit, four-generation community. People occasionally remark that maybe my wife and I are overdoing it. We always say, with as much patience as we can muster, that we are doing our best to raise quality people. ((Most people say one of two things: “Haven’t you figured out what’s causing that?” or “Don’t you know we have an over-population problem?” My wife replies to the first question the same way my mom (who had six kids of her own) did: “Yes, we do know what’s causing it, but my husband and I enjoy it so much, we’re just not willing to give it up.” And to the second question: “Yes, there is an over-population problem—of idiots and parasites. We’re just trying to even the balance.”)) Because God knows no matter how many children are being born into the world right now, far too few of them are being trained to be decent human beings.