Medical Kidnapping of Children Rampant at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

As you’ll see from my article today on, the number of cases involving medical facilities kidnapping children and taking them from their parents is on the increase and it’s all due to Obamacare and the government’s socialist agenda.

The medical kidnapping of children has taken place in Boston, Chicago and Texas and now there are reports of a number of similar children kidnappings taking place at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Health Impact News early posted the story of the frightening experience of the Diegel family whose two daughters were taken from them by Phoenix Children’s Hospital because the parents disagreed with the doctors on their prescribed treatment of the girls. As in most of the other cases, the hospitals use the local Children Protection Services (CPS) to help them take custody of the children.

Through their ordeal, Melissa Diegel says that her family was threatened with a gag order by the family court. She was ordered to remove her Facebook page and other information that discussed the seizure of her girls by CPS and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

After publishing their story of the Diegel family, Health Impact News began receiving communications from other families who also experienced the similar horror that the Diegel family went through and all at the hands of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Some of those contacting the site insisted on anonymity because of the legal ramifications that they could incur for talking to the media. Some of the sources said they held important positions that could be jeopardized by their disclosures.

According to Health Impact News:

“Like Melissa Diegel, who was threatened by family court with a gag order and ordered to take down her Facebook Page and other content documenting her family’s experience, these parents are terrified of coming forward and telling their story. Therefore, many of our sources for this story wish to remain anonymous. Some of them hold important positions within the community in the Phoenix area, but fear retaliation.”

“What we have learned is that while the problem of medical kidnapping is systemic and present in all 50 states, linked to federal funding for CPS and the foster care business, apparently it is ‘by far’ worse in Arizona than any other state. One source said:”

“We have upwards of 15,000 kids in and out of home placement. It is a billion dollar business and more when the judges, lawyers, guardian ad litems, experts, cps case managers, cps administration, hospitals, physicians, foster parents, and court appointed attorneys are included. It is not uncommon for a hospital to bill AHCCCS (Medicaid) a million dollars a year on one child.”

“First, there are many stories of medical kidnapping in Phoenix that are publicly available. We will highlight a few of the many.”

The article then goes on to describe several cases and you can read them here.

I want to bring this to all of your attention as the cases of medical kidnapping is increasing at an alarming rate. You have to realize that under a socialist government children belong to the state, not the parents. Our public school system, especially those that have implemented the Common Core Standards, undermine parental authority and brainwash kids to rely on the government, not their parents.

Barack Obama has made no effort to hide his socialist upbringing and in his early biography he talks about the people who influenced him the most and they are all Marxists. He has been pushing his socialist agenda in everything he’s done since illegally assuming residence in the White House.

Obamacare, his flagship piece of legislation, was more about instituting his socialist agenda than it was in fixing the healthcare system. It should be obvious because everything Obamacare was supposed to fix has only been made worse under our new socialist healthcare system. Consider the facts that more Americans are now uninsured than before Obamacare went into effect. The cost of healthcare coverage has increased, although we were told it would decrease. Options for medical care have decreased due to massive restrictions in healthcare coverage and the growing number of doctors and medical facilities that have closed or stopped taking Medicaid patients. And don’t forget how Obamacare has tried to force Christians to go against their faith.

The Children Protection Services are also run by government regulations which are being sent down from the same socialist government. They operate under the guidelines given to them and those guidelines state that your children belong to the government and that the government will determine what’s best for them, regardless of your parental authority or religion. If you dare disagree with them, be prepared to see your child or children ripped from your fingers and removed from your legal custody. They’ll become legal wards of the state who will raise them as they see fit and there will be little if anything you will legally be able to do get them back.

Welcome to Obama’s socialist America.