The Media is Still Taking about how Rich the Clintons Are

Democrats may be in a spot of trouble if this kind of media coverage keeps up. The Clintons have spent the last week or so trying to undo the damage Hillary Clinton did when she tried to make herself sound middle class. Happily, it’s not working.

The media just can’t stop talking about how rich the Clintons really are. They’ve also begun to acknowledge that the Clintons didn’t have to work very hard to get their money either.

“And let’s remember how they acquired their wealth. They didn’t do it in some incredible business, creating jobs and all this. They just acquired wealth for being the Clintons. … This is not like shoveling coal, this is not like building a factory… it’s not like they’ve acquired their wealth from hard work.”  — Chuck Todd

Joe Scarborough at MSNBC also notes that “where” the money is coming from may be as big of a problem as the money itself.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems…