Media Silent on Planned Parenthood Videos in Their Reporting of Defunding Bill

As we reported yesterday, the House voted to remove federal funding from Planned Parenthood for a year while the organization is investigated for crimes. Unfortunately, the Senate will probably make sure the bill is aborted.

But strangely absent in the media’s coverage of the House’s vote was the very catalyst that made this vote possible. The main reason our nation is having a discussion at all over Planned Parenthood funding is the slew of undercover videos that have been released over the past couple months by CMP.

Predictably, the big three media networks seemed to forget about all that and just focus on how the GOP wants to continue to wage their war on women and shut down the government over Planned Parenthood funding.

Sometimes, propaganda comes in the form of not reporting something in order to give a certain false impression to their viewers. The horrific videos are central to this whole debate, but they’re hardly even brought up in the media’s coverage. Not only do they show officials negotiating over selling aborted babies and their parts, but they also show officials’ totally callous attitudes towards human life. The abortion industry requires that their doctors have an indifferent mentality toward the taking of human lives. Otherwise, they wouldn’t agree to perform abortions at any stage of pregnancy.

The videos show viewers, up close and personal, how abortion is nothing less than murder. And everyone involved in the abortion industry are accomplices. I think the media know how bad (and truthfully) the videos portray the “women’s health” organization. They’d rather not talk about it.