Media Sensationalism: “Rick Perry Compares Homosexuality to Alcoholism!”

People familiar with my writing know that I am an equal-opportunity offender and defender. I will criticize Sarah Palin (fairly, in my opinion), but I’ll also defend her against unfair criticism. I’ll do the same for liberals. I’ll even defend idiots from attacks in spite of their idiocy.

Rick Perry, for example. The Texas Governor is a stupid person (relax, it’s just my opinion), but he’s being falsely accused of something else because the leftists with San Francisco’s CBS affiliate are either partisan hacks or they just don’t understand English. So I will now defend him.

Perry was at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on Wednesday to give a live interview (something he should avoid here on out) related mostly to jobs, a thriving environment for which he knows plenty about creating.

He was asked a very specific and, one might say, loaded question about whether he believed homosexuality to be a “disorder.” That was the specific question, so Perry, not being the most nuanced speaker or thinker, answered the question as he was asked it. Perry is definitely a politician’s politician, and I’d even call him a bit of a weasel, but certainly not to the extent that many others are. Whereas most politicians heed the sage political advice to “answer the question you wish you were asked,” Perry was too stupid to be so cunning.

What must be understood is that the idea that homosexuality is a disorder was suggested to Perry by the interviewer, and Perry answered it in that light because he is a simple man. The cogs are a bit dusty in that leathery head of his, I suspect, and they don’t spin like the used to, for better or worse.

So he answered. “I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic,” Perry said in his usual broken English, “but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue just the same way.”

So now it is being said that Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism, which sounds alarm bells and makes the only-headlines-reading public think that he thinks queers are all a bunch of drunks who can’t help themselves from being constantly in the throes of gay sex.

That’s not what Perry thinks.

Instead, the dolt was forced by the interviewer, intentionally or not, into looking at homosexuality as a disorder, and that is what he called homosexuality: a genetic disorder, such as (pick your disorder of choice). Alcoholism is one of the commonly known disorders, so that’s the one he picked to compare it to, comparing it only by virtue of both homosexuality and alcoholism being a disorder. He wasn’t saying they are the same disorder. He wasn’t saying they are even similar to each other.

“Rick Perry Calls Homosexuality a Disorder” would be a more honest headline. But “Rick Perry Compares Homosexuality to Alcoholism” is an easier way to manipulate the public.