Media Manufacture Christie “Bridgegate” Scandal While Ignoring Obama’s “Government Shutdown” Antics

I have to admit, I haven’t paid much attention to this scandal allegedly emanating from the Chris Christie bunch. The one that apparently involved someone in Christie’s staff shutting off access to a bridge and causing a huge traffic jam as a sort of punishment for Fort Lee, New Jersey’s mayor not endorsing Christie. I know I’m supposed to be “outraged,” but I feel nothing.

It’s completely manufactured by the media. They’re already choosing candidates for the next presidential election. That’s what they do every presidential election. They decide who’s “viable” and who’s not. Who’s “electable” and who’s not. They get started early, because remember, media networks are all about ratings and money. These presidential elections are huge money-makers for them.

This “attack” on Christie doesn’t just have the effect of making Christie look bad among Democrats. It legitimizes him as a presidential candidate; it will elicit sympathy and support among the faithful GOP cheerleaders (even those who didn’t support him before) to rally around him in the midst of his “liberal media mistreatment.” It will cause Republican team players to think, “The liberal media is attacking Christie, because they view him as a threat to the establishment.” No, no! He’s not a threat to the establishment. He’s part of the establishment.

This is one of the ways the media choose candidates for us. They fixate on a couple candidates (typically one from each party) and manufacture scandals for them so that they’re in the national spotlight nonstop. People love scandals. That’s what keeps viewers glued to their TV screens. The other candidates, some of whom will be far more qualified to fulfill the presidential position, will be left out of the spotlight, not because Americans didn’t agree with them, but solely because the media had chosen someone else. This of course, causes naïve American voters to think that their choices are limited, and they’ll feel as though they have no choice but to vote for the guy who will rape America less.

If this stupid nonstory about Christie’s traffic jam was actually newsworthy in and of itself, then the media should have also talked about all the times the Obama administration ordered closure of the national parks, the war memorials, private businesses and residences, even parts of the ocean. That’s a much bigger story than some political traffic jam.