Media Going All Out to Brain Wipe Conservatives While They’re Down

Call it Paula Kale’s revenge. Jonathan Martin has written an article at Politico, “The GOP’s Media Cocoon.” He compares the present post-Romney GOP to Paula Kale who famously said that she didn’t understand how Nixon could have won because none of her friends voted for Nixon. The New Yorker movie critic was in an insular media and cultural cocoon. Martin’s article contains some real truth that is worth reading. I, for one, will never look at the polls the same way again. In fact, we don’t even need polls since Intrade does a better job for free.

Good intentions don’t justify blindness. We need to know what we’re facing. One might ask if honesty about Romney’s chances of winning might have changed the way the primaries went. But that is too big a complicated mess for me to figure out. What I do know is that Jonathan Martin’s article is not designed to get the GOP out of their cocoon, so much as to get future potential GOP voters into the mainstream media’s cocoon. He’s like Morpheus offering the Red Pill, except in Martin’s version, the Red Pill just leads to a different virtual reality masquerading as the truth.

Anyone who has had an accident on the highway knows that there are all sorts of people ready to take advantage of you when you are down. Just because you made a mistake and went off the road doesn’t mean you should entrust yourself to others. Martin moves from Republican shock over the election numbers to covering for Obama in Libya:

“In this reassuring conservative pocket universe, Rasmussen polls are gospel, the Benghazi controversy is worse than Watergate, ‘Fair and Balanced’ isn’t just marketing and Dick Morris is a political seer.”

So that’s it? Benghazi just gets thrown in with the rest? We’re asked to believe that Martin is giving us nothing but cocoon-less objective reality. Because we messed up which pollsters to listen to, we must now accept the stack of lies about an anti-Muslim video and the real-time observed slaughter of Americans who were denied help as they were attacked. Martin isn’t trying to be realistic. He’s just contradicting Republicans to side with the Obamacats. Until we get credible explanations of what happened, Republicans are going to have to continue to push for an investigation.

At times, Martin writes as if he just wishes we would all get wired into the mainstream media again like we did when Cronkite was our master. ““The Internet amplifies talk radio and cable news…” Yes, it does. Conservatives must be careful with it. But the internet has broken stories that the mainstream press would have tried to ignore. When the Iranian government cracked down on pro-democracy forces they were opposed through Twitter. I’m sure the mullah’s preach the same message as Martin about the dangers of social media.

Martin, like many other Liberal media voices, is essentially trying to pressure Republicans to stop being skeptical of the Democratic regime and its media outlets. And there will always be “evidence” that they should do so, because there will always be times when the mainstream media reports something accurately and skeptical conservatives don’t believe it at first. But that doesn’t prove that Conservatives should give their brains to Politico and the rest of the liberal regime.

Besides, the mainstream media always portrayed Romney as “the only candidate who can beat Obama” saying it was “a core part of the former Massachusetts governor’s appeal.” Arguably in that case, “our cocoon” was insufficient and we got caught in the mainstream media cocoon.

In Martin’s insular world, conservatives are too radical and extreme. But what candidates have they nominated since Reagan? George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain, and now Mitt Romney were hardly that radical as conservatives.

Conservatives do need to avoid insular cocoons. Including that of Martin and other Liberal pundits.