Media Fail: Only 24% Believe Zimmerman Was Motivated By Race

Everyone knows that the purpose of the media these days is not to report objectively on events or to convey unbiased information. Their job is to give their faithful viewers the “correct” opinion. If they can brainwash viewers into believing that the government really should be this entity that takes care of everyone from cradle to grave, then the socialists in power won’t have to work as hard to implement their goals. People will naturally cry out for more socialism, because it’s what the media had taught them, and the government will gladly oblige them, championing “democracy” while they work to enslave the populace even more.

In race relations, the mainstream media typically only report on issues that can be twisted to be white-on-black hate crimes. If you get your news from mainstream sources, you’ll never hear anything about black-on-white violence or black-on-black violence. And only white people can be racist.

So, it comes as a slight surprise to me that most people aren’t buying the racial media narratives on the Zimmerman trial. The media worked overtime to make the case out to be purely racially motivated. NBC went out of its way to edit the 911 recordings to make it sound like Zimmerman was suspicious of Martin simply because he was black and had a dark hoodie. And they kept referring to Zimmerman as white guy. In spite of all these types of efforts, only a small minority fell for the media’s trap:

Two polls released Wednesday show that less than 40% disagree with the jury’s verdict, and an earlier poll proves that 76% of people aren’t all that interested in the trial. Now we have a poll that shows that only 24% believe Zimmerman was motivated by race in the fatal shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin. The poll also finds that only 21% believe the Justice Department should charge Zimmerman with a hate crime, and that a clear majority, 54%, believe Zimmerman’s motives that night were pure; that he was concerned about crime in his community.”

Not only are their ratings suffering even in the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial, people aren’t even believing the garbage that they’re peddling.