Media Already Campaigning Against GOP Congress For 2014

One of the worst aspects of the November 6 elections was not gaining the Senate. Democrat Claire McCaskill won another term as Senator for Missouri and Elizabeth Warren beat Scott Brown to be a Massachusetts Senator. On the other hand, there were some great victories in Congress.

The conservative political agenda must be to keep and increase power in the House of Representatives and gain a majority in the Senate. However easy or difficult that might be, one thing is certain: the mainstream Media is already campaigning for the Democrats. As they attempted in the days of the Clinton Administration, they want the American people to be angry about “gridlock.” They want voters to be frustrated that Congress is “obstructing” Obama’s plan.

The media whether in the talking head news shows, or the Hollywood Left, will be doing all they can with their sneering and their pretence to make Americans feel like they are fools if they don’t opposed Congress doing its job. We will hear about how Congress needs to be “bipartisan” while they will never encourage Obama to make any concessions, but only demand that Republicans Representatives in the House, and Republican Senators, fall in line behind the President’s demands.

The problems upon which  the Democats will capitalize, or easy to see. The first crisis we face is what to do about “The Fiscal Cliff.”

“The so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ – set to take effect Jan.1 – is a doomsday budget package Congress enacted in 2011 to try to force compromise on a series of bitterly divisive policy choices. Economists and politicians, including Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, have warned it would almost certainly wipe out any progress the White House has made in reviving the economy and creating jobs.  Recent reports have shown the economy picking up strength. Growth in U.S. gross domestic product, though still sluggish, picked up to a 2.0 percent annual pace in the third quarter from a 1.3 percent rate in the second. After a pause this spring, the pace of hiring picked up this summer, with employers now adding some 175,000 new jobs a month to payrolls. Consumers are spending more on big-ticket items, like cars and appliances. A prolonged budget impasse would reverse those gains. The hit to consumer spending from higher taxes, along with the loss of government spending, would knock 3 to 4 percent from GDP, according to the Congressional Budget Office.”

Assuming Congress and the President can get through that little crisis, there will be others, including the debt ceiling. In each case, the media will treat any disagreement on the part of a Republican Congress as some sort of evil attempt to hurt the nation.

It is imperative that conservative double down on the “tea party” strategy they pursued that led to the victories of 2010. The American public must be constantly reminded about the growing debt implosion to which Obama is leading us. This is entirely appropriate for a party that retains control of the House of Representatives. The House has control of spending and spending is the lifeblood of the Liberal strategy. Republicans must use that power to restrain the Liberal agenda, and make sure the American people understand how and why they are doing so.