McDonald’s Financial Advice Mocked For Wrong Reasons

McDonald’s has a new website: “Practical Money Skills For Life.” The entire economically-illiterate, envy-driven legion is out with pitchforks attacking McDonald’s for this website because of how poor people have to live.

But it is the fault of no one at McDonald’s that poverty stinks or that the chain can’t afford to pay workers more. McDonald’s is our slave—we the consumers. Until we say we are willing to pay about $15 for a Big Mac, workers aren’t going to get a higher wage. If the government mandates a higher wage, many fast food restaurants will close because no one is going to pay that much for fast food. If they do, it will mean inflation has set in, and the worker’s higher wage is only nominal. The price of everything he wants to buy will rise, and he will be no better off.

The critics mock McDonald’s for expecting people to have a second job. Seriously? Of course, people making close to minimum wage will need to get a second job. Plan on it.

And what would happen if people stopped using heat as much as possible? It depends on how protected energy companies are from the market. But my hunch is that, if we saw this catch on, then we’d see utility companies go through a market crash and be forced to lower prices. I’m not recommending this. But facts are facts. And since you can’t change the way the world is by whining about it, you might as well smile (instead of mocking a website for having smiling, cheerful people).

The real sin of the McDonald’s website is that it encourages debt among the people who will be the most hurt by interest rates. Showing people living off minimum wage a budget that includes a car payment is to train them to be robbed. Minimal savings will purchase a junk car. That will be far more advantageous than buying a car on credit.

In fact, the guide on buying a car is a disaster. First, the text treats leasing as a rational option. That is insane. Leasing is the most expensive way possible to operate an automobile. Let rich morons waste their money that way.

Then the guide tells the reader how to go to the dealership and negotiate. No! You save up as much as you can and go check (use the library computer or a friends if you don’t have internet). No one on minimum wage has any business stepping foot in a car dealership. Seriously

That is just one example. The McDonald’s website is sponsored by Visa. Everything and anything such a site recommends should be treated with suspicion. Visa wants poor people to think they can buy on credit and come out ahead. What you get are minimum wage workers who are also renting their lives from a credit card company.

If life were fun on minimum wage, then no one would mind being poor. Instead of complaining that people won’t pay $25 for a value meal, face reality, get a second job, and spend as little as possible. Above all, never ever let the consumer debt slavery system get its claws into you.

And look for a way to increase your value in the market place. Every moment of experience you gain as a worker can provide the knowledge and skill you need to get to a place where you can earn more money. Keep your eyes open for opportunities as you go.