Why McDonald’s Employees Deserve LESS than Minimum Wage

Here’s a story about McDonald’s employees and minimum wage that proves McDonald’s employees are too stupid for and do not deserve a wage hike.

There was a protest held at McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, on Wednesday, and it went about as expected.

From Bloomberg:

About 2,000 protesters, including about 325 McDonald’s workers in restaurant uniforms, stormed though the company’s campus entrance at Jorie Boulevard and Kroc Drive in Oak Brook, according to the organizers, holding signs that said, “We Are Worth More” and “My Union My Voice.” The Oak Brook Police Department estimated the number was 1,000 to 1,500.

The irony, of course, is that these employees were, one could reasonably assume, informed of what their hourly wage would be before they made the free choice whether or not to accept the job. Maybe because none of them speaks English, they misunderstood exactly what “Seven fifty” translated to in their native tongues, but they shouldn’t work at an English-speaking establishment if they can’t speak English. Also, get out of America, please.

More than 100 McDonald’s employees were arrested–“for trespassing,” according to Bloomberg, but I suspect the reason was more along the lines of wanting to protect them from their own stupidity. Probably padded helmets were handed out to them as well.

“I’m here fighting for $15 and a union so that my path does not become my children’s future,” Melinda Topel, a 43-year-old McDonald’s store employee who makes $7.50 an hour, said in an interview. Topel traveled from Kansas CityMissouri, to protest in Oak Brook.

Quite a long journey for an imbecile to make. Did Miss Topel do it all by herself? I’d like to ask her why she’s 43 years old and still working at a job intended for teenagers. No education? There’s no shame in that, and not all is lost. Why doesn’t she work at a bank, for insance? She doesn’t need a degree for that, and the average salary for a bank teller in America is $10.39, or 29 cents more than even President Obama wants private companies to dole out to nimrods such as Miss Topel.

“We deserve a livable wage,” the idiot added, incorrectly. She agreed to be paid $7.50 an hour originally, so what she “deserves” is to be paid $7.50 an hour, nothing more. Her desire for more money does not supersede her employer’s right not to give her more money than she agreed to when he hired her.

I used to say that McDonald’s employees do not deserve more than minimum wage because, among other reasons, the work they do there is, to put it bluntly, not valuable. Now I say they don’t deserve minimum wage because they’re idiots, and idiocy plus money is a dangerous equation.