McCain: I Stayed In A Syrian Hotel So I Know As Much As A Native-born Syrian Pleading For The Lives Of Her Countrymen

This video of a Syrian Christian Woman pleading for John McCain not to relegate Christians in her country to the status of “collateral damage” was hard to watch. But it shows such insight into our blood-addicted political class that everyone needs to see it.

First question: Where was the feminist outrage? McCain portrayed her anger at his murderous plans as “emotional.” I’m surprised he didn’t pat her on the head or offer her a tissue. He obviously did not care what she said, since he regarded her as a hysterical woman—this despite the fact that she was plainly articulating the same concerns as the majority of Americans.

Second Question: Did McCain actually imagine that he heard this woman claim that Assad was “anything but a butcher”” She said nothing of the kind. She pointed out that he operates a secular regime that protects Christians and other religious minorities—something that neither an extensive bombing campaign, nor the supposed “rebels,” will be able or willing to do.

Third question: Why is McCain pretending that affirming there are moderates in Syria changes anything? Right now there are two forces in Syria. The brutal dictator (i.e. McCain’s “butcher”) Bashar-al-Assad, and the Syrian “rebels.” The rebels are killing Christians and other minorities because they are overrun with Sunni terrorists with links to Al Qaeda. They are killing the moderates. If these foreign mercenaries get US air support, along with increased US funding and weapons, we will see them gain even more power. The moderates McCain refers to will either be killed, or forced to follow orders, or flee.

The Syrian woman is not being hysterical in her plea. The United States really is pursuing policies that could end up exterminating Christianity in the Middle East. Furthermore, she is right to bring up Iraq. McCain and others made all sorts of promises about “Democracy” in Iraq. Now it is a Shiite hellhole full of Al Qaeda terrorists attacking the Shiite population and also fighting Assad in Syria. McCain’s promises about a future “moderate” country are not trustworthy.

Final question: How did McCain become arrogant enough to tell a woman from Syria with family back home being, ugh, “butchered” by rebels, that he knows Syria? With a straight face he says, “I know Syria too.” Right. Back when he posed for a photo op with terrorist criminals he showed how well he knew Syria. Yet that amazing lesson in how we are incapable of telling the alleged “good guys” from the “bad guys” has not taught him any humility.

McCain may not represent the American people, or the interests of the civilized Syrians, but he shows us a perfectly clear picture of our political class. They will sacrifice Syrian Christians and others without blinking and they will expect gratitude from those destroyed people for “saving” them.