McCain “Outraged” Over Immigration’s Failure To Catch Terrorist Scofflaws?

If there is, one Washington heavy hitter that should understand US Immigration policy and procedure it is Arizona’s career Senator, John McCain. Yet, after 30 years of taking point on a myriad of immigration reform efforts, McCain did not know that DHS rarely deports suspected radicals who overstay or violate the terms of their visas. Moreover, his current gang of eight-immigration reform bill, somehow, fails to address this issue.

I am referring to John McCain’s public response to recent revelations that the one of the Boston Bombers, Tasarnev, and several of his brother’s accomplices visa violations went unnoticed or unaddressed by Federal authorities.

Senator McCain sits on the “Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee” which conducts investigations and oversight of homeland security operations (DHS). Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) and US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are part of DHS security operations.

As reported in Politico, McCain’s response to current DHS policies was: “It just seems to me that if these people are able to come and go as freely as certainly one of the brothers was and one of these individuals, we have a system that certainly needs some repair,” he said, “Why was [Tasarnev] allowed to come back into the country if his visa was revoked? This seems to be a common thread throughout this whole catastrophe and tragedy.”

Actually, tolerance of visa scofflaws has been a “common thread” in immigration enforcement failures for the past 30 years. An immigration failure that led to 9/11 and if I am not mistaken, the very reason government created the DHS, but somehow that fact seems to escape the Arizona “Maverick” during recent backroom immigration reform meetings.

McCain has spent his political career investigating, shaping, authoring, sponsoring and voting for/against immigration reform bills. By now, he ought to be as familiar with immigration issues as Obama is with the executive orders process. However, some of you may feel I am being too hard on our esteemed Senator and 2008 Republican Presidential candidate.

If so, consider the following:

Over the last twelve years Sen. McCain has co-sponsored or supported some of the six or seven versions of the infamous “Dream Act.“ In 2005, McCain proposed “The Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act (S.1033) which, in 2007, became the “Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Act.” In 2009, McCain was a very vocal proponent of the Democrat’s rekindling of the 2001 Dick Durbin “Dream Act” which was (thankfully) defeated by Republican opposition.

Yet this career politician is “outraged” over recent, albeit endemic, immigration enforcement failures that allowed another Islamist terror attack on US soil. Moreover, McCain is currently working to ramrod through Congress, with minimal debate, the latest immigration reform abomination, the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013” which, by his own admission, does nothing to address this decades old immigration failure.

What are we paying these people for? More importantly, will America grow to accept Marco Rubio (a current McCain protégé) as the new voice of reason in the current immigration debate?

The race to secure immigration reform is not about national security and strengthening our immigration laws. It is nothing more than a race to secure a future voting block. I have read much of the 800 pages plus legislation and it does nothing to secure US borders or keep the bad guys out of America.

To quote Sen. McCain from his recent interview on FOX News: “Maybe it’s part of … overall immigration reform. We should look at the process of who is allowed into this country, under what circumstances, what is their situation and background, particularly from countries that have histories such as Dagestan and Chechnya and others where there has been significant influence of radical Islamic extremism.”

MAYBE? This is a maybe for the career Senator who sits on the DHS oversight committee? What gives him the right to claim outrage over his failures? OUTRAGE?

What about the Dorchester father of an 8-year-old little boy violently executed by a terrorist allowed through the government’s so-called immigration and security apparatus? Is he entitled to rage? What about his wife and daughter, still recovering from the wounds they sustained from weapons fashioned by a man your law failed to deport years ago. Are they entitle to a little rage over your career of ignoring government failure and supporting immigration reform efforts that favor you and your party over the safety of our citizenry?

Senator McCain you can consider yourself lucky it was not my little boy. Here is a word of advice to the gang of eight and any politician who choose amnesty over enforcement: The patriots of this country are no longer afraid of you. We are outraged.