Mayweather Receives Flack for Calling Out His Children’s Killer

There is an eye-opening quote from someone named Winifred Egan on the realities of modern society’s handling of abortion.

“What an irony,” she said, “that a society confronted with plastic bags filled with the remains of aborted babies should be more concerned about the problem of recycling the plastic.”

Less ironic than nauseating, I’d say, but the point is made clearly.

I was reminded of this quote recently when “news” broke that professional boxer Floyd Mayweather went on Twitter and wrote, “The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson […] broke up was because she got a abortion and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies.” He also posted onto his Facebook profile ultrasound photos of his now-deceased babies.

Like the confounding backwardness of those who are more concerned with recycling than with stopping abortion, liberals, particular feminists, are furious with Mayweather for violating his girlfriend’s privacy by revealing that in her private life she’s a heartless killer (well, she hired someone else to do the killing, so what does that make her?).

But is Mayweather not completely entitled to say whatever he wants in public about the person who killed his babies? Why is society more concerned with the embarrassment he likely caused his ex-girlfriend than with the fact that she ended the lives of his offspring, his descendants, his children?

Imagine that two of Angelina Jolie’s wonderfully non-white adopted children had been murdered at a private party by a hitman who was hired by none other than Jolie’s pretend husband Brad Pitt. It happened at a private affair and was set up by someone whom she fully trusted. And imagine the story didn’t get to the press, but remained private, in the memories only of those who were closely involved. But a few months later, Jolie decided to give a press conference to detail this horrific thing, that Pitt hired someone to kill her kids and that that’s why she is no longer dating him.

Would the public hiss and boo at Jolie for violating Pitt’s privacy? Of course not. Pitt would be the bad guy in that scenario; he paid a hitman to kill her children! He’s scum. Why should the public be concerned with his privacy? Why are we upset that he might feel like he had been shamed?

“Shaming” is one of the Left’s new declared sins. The Left doesn’t like shame; shame is a feeling that requires a value system based on morality, of which liberals are devoid. Was Floyd Mayweather, a suffering ex-father, shaming his ex?

Absolutely, and absolutely justifiably.