Mayor Bloomberg Goes Crazy

Hunger is a force to be reckoned with; it is a motion that cannot be stopped unless it is quenched. But once hunger is sated, it comes again, often more urgently than before. This applies to hunger, in the typical sense, but also the hunger for life, money, faith and power. Once a taste is in your mouth, more is needed to fulfill you the following round. Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has such a hunger. He has a complex need for power that doesn’t ever seem to be sated. This power hunger has reared it’s ugly head once again.

First, Bloomberg banned large sodas in many establishments; now he is taking his ban farther. In addition to that, he has designs to go after styrofoam and pain-killers. In accordance with his newly designated rules, restaurants cannot serve sodas in pitchers larger than 16 ounces; and New Yorkers will no longer be able to get a 2 liter soda with the purchase of a delivery pizza.

Now, Bloomberg is pouring millions of dollars into a political battle in Chicago. According to Town Hall:

“Michael Bloomberg, is flexing the muscle of his gun control superPAC by spending, as of late Friday, $2.2 million on the race. For those keeping score, that’s four times what the top five candidates’ campaigns have spent — combined. Most of that money has gone to attack former [Pro Second Amendment] Rep. Debbie Halvorson.”

Michael Bloomberg is running on a power trip. But how is he using his newly discovered power? Let’s break down the absurdity of Bloomberg’s world:

1. Banning large sodas has absolutely no effect on the consumption of soda on the whole. Those who want a large soda–but cannot get one–will get two mediums.

2. Banning large sodas is like a comically less effective prohibition. If Bloomberg wasn’t on a power trip; and was actually–though stupidly–concerned about New Yorkers’ health, he would try to ban all sodas.

3. Pouring millions of dollars into a fight against a Pro-Second Amendment candidate…in another state, seems excessive.

Do any of Bloomberg’s tactics have any chance of success? Does he actually believe that what he is doing is a smart move? Unless he is the stupidest man on earth, I would wager to say that he doesn’t see success in his future. So, why do it? Why waste time on projects that are destined for abject failure? Because Michael Bloomberg is a megalomaniac. He craves the power to control; and with each step, he needs more to satisfy his grumbling stomach.

Robert Caro said: “What I believe is always true about power is that power always reveals.” Power has revealed Michael Bloomberg to be nothing more than a fraud; and possibly just not very bright.