Mayor Bill de Blasio Paid an 8.3% Tax Rate: Dethrone the Narcissists!

Myths which are believed in tend to become true.” – George Orwell

When did we become a civilization that doesn’t care about the truth? More to the point, when did our drive to seek the truth dry up? When did we exchange our vigor for laziness? At some point along the way, we lost what we came here with. In the beginning, we fought a revolution. We fought a government that had become more than it ever should have, more powerful, more aggressive, more violent, more greedy, more oppressive, and more tyrannical. Fast forward 250 years, and we don’t seem as focused. Politicians lie, and behave hypocritically every day, yet our zeal to pursue the truth has become weak—at least when it comes to liberals.

A new report has come out that New York mayor Bill de Blasio paid an effective 8.3% tax rate in 2013. According to Breitbart:

“Mayor de Blasio and his wife made $167,047 in income, $52,000 in rental income on a second home in Park Slope, and reported charitable donations that totaled just 3% of their income, or $5,597.”

For a man who claims to care so much about the little guy, he doesn’t give much to charity. Of course, liberals rarely do. They’d rather take your money, and use it for their pet projects. But ole Bill’s lack of charitable spirit isn’t what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the liberal standby of tax increases. Liberals love to raise taxes. It’s always for the benefit of the people, of course. We even have a Vice President claiming that paying a higher tax is patriotic. Yet, when one scrutinizes the very people advocating the liberal doctrine of higher taxes, one most often finds that the advocates pay very little themselves.

In the case of liberal Superman Bill de Blasio, he only pays 8.3%. Now, I’m not saying what he paid was wrong. I’m sure his rate of taxation was perfectly legal, and it is his right to pursue the lowest legal taxation possible. However, the hypocrisy is staggering. The Left can do one thing, say another, and have people believing conservatives are the enemy. They are masters at the art of manipulation.

Behavior like this is indicative of certain personality traits. These traits are dangerous. Expecting all of us to pay higher taxes, while paying as little as possible themselves smacks of narcissism. They see in themselves a grand image; they see incredible people who are so special that they don’t have to follow the rules. They offer up edicts to the lowly masses, while living in the clouds of their higher office.

The Democratic Party is filled with narcissists. Let’s be honest, so is the Republican Party. They believe they are above it all. They believe that they can tell us what is best, and that we are just some stupid peons. Their narcissism is fueling their policy. We are being driven farther and farther into the ground, and they are reaping the reward.

It’s time we got our fighting spirit back. We can no longer sit back, and let these people destroy this country. We are the ones in control. Don’t forget that. We elected them, and we can replace them with people who actually care about our future. Bill de Blasio is just the surface of a massive problem. The mid-terms are coming up soon, and we can’t be lazy anymore.

For us it’s 1776 again.