Mass Murderer Uses Car to Kill 4 People; Time to Ban Cars?

The FBI defines a mass murder as one where three or more people were killed in one event. A 25-year-old woman identified as Adacia Chambers plowed into a crowd at an Oklahoma State University homecoming parade. She killed four people, including a two-year-old boy. Now the woman is facing 2nd degree murder charges. CNS News reported:

“I absolutely can rule out alcohol,” Coleman [Chambers’ attorney] told a press conference in Oklahoma City, adding that he had spoken to her aunt, grandmother and boyfriend and all had said she was not drinking. He added it was his opinion that she suffers from a mental illness and said there were warning signs from her behavior before the crash, including an inability to sleep.

“She doesn’t remember a whole lot about what happened. There was a period where I think … she could have even blacked out,” Coleman said. Chambers only recalls people removing her from the car and being extremely confused, he said.

Messages to Stillwater police seeking comment on Chambers’ statements weren’t immediately returned.

Chambers’ father, Floyd Chambers of Oologah, told The Oklahoman newspaper Saturday he couldn’t believe his daughter was involved and said she was not an alcoholic. Floyd Chambers couldn’t be reached for comment Sunday by The Associated Press.

Adacia Chambers is being held in the Payne County jail and is set for an initial court hearing Monday, police said.

Witnesses of the crash described a scene of chaos as bodies flew into the air from the impact and landed on the road. Three adults and a 2-year-old boy, who wasn’t immediately identified, were killed and at least 46 others were hurt, including at least four critically injured. Hospitals initially said five were critically injured, but one of those was upgraded to fair condition on Sunday.

Police are awaiting results of lab tests to see if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The woman’s attorney said that we should rule out alcohol, because she didn’t smell of alcohol after the crash, and those who were with her prior to the crash said that she hadn’t been drinking. Her attorney believes that she’s mentally ill.

This obviously isn’t the first time someone suspected of being mentally ill or on mind-altering drugs (or both) committed a mass murder. In fact, one factor that seems to show up in just about every mass murder these days is mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs. The media and political sphere of course don’t talk a whole lot about the drug aspect in these killings. The media make way too much money from Big Pharma to say anything critical about them. They’d rather blame an inanimate object that mass murderers often use to commit their crimes.

In this woman’s case, Chambers didn’t opt for a firearm. She decided to use her car. But no one really seems to care about her car. If she had used a handgun to kill four people and injure dozens more, the media wouldn’t just be talking about her being charged with 2nd degree murder and the possibility of her being under the influence. They’d focus almost solely on her gun of choice. They prefer it when murderers use semi-automatic rifles. Handguns are okay too, but they’re not as scary-looking as AR-15s.  They would be calling for more gun control laws. But since she used a car, they won’t talk a whole lot about it. It’s not much of a news story.  Perhaps it is time to ban cars.