Maryland Legislature Pushes “Rain Tax”

Calvin Coolidge said: “Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.” Anyone who has a single, functioning brain cell knows that the government is knee-deep in the business of robbing us all blind. That’s a basic fact of life. But it never ceases to amaze me how the government is able to abscond with our money in more and more absurd ways. Personally, I used to think that Obamacare was the most idiotic means by which the government planned to snatch our cash, but a new tax in Maryland really takes the cake.

It has been said that if something exists, the government will find a way to tax it. We are currently witnessing the battle over an Internet tax—which has been brewing for quite some time now. We are taxed every day; for everything we buy; but what about the things over which we have no control? Can the government tax us because of the forces of nature? Apparently, in Maryland, the answer is “yes.”

According to MyFoxDC: “Lawmakers passed an “Impervious Surfaces” tax – also being called the ‘Rain Tax.’ Basically, you’ll be charged for any surface of land you own that does not absorb rainwater. The ultimate goal is to reduce storm-water runoff and improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay. How much you’ll pay depends on where you live —as each county will determine its own fee.”

Wait…what? Under the guise of a shiny new name, residents in Maryland are getting the same old nonsense. Essentially, people in Maryland are being taxed for basic survival. Need a roof over your head? Well, it’s impervious to water, so kindly empty your pockets. Have an asphalt road on your property? Ouch–it doesn’t absorb rain water, so we’ll need to see your check book.

Americans already pay property taxes, in addition to numerous other taxes. Now, the legislature in Maryland is raising property taxes under a brand new name. They claim that the money garnered from the tax hike will help keep the Chesapeake Bay cleaner; but we all know that virtually none of that money will go to anything remotely involving the Bay.

A similar situation happened in my home town. Approximately ten years ago, there was a vote for a new tax increase. Proponents of the tax said it was to help the oft invoked “children.” Of course, with “Do it for the children” ringing in the ears of voters, the measure passed. Ten years later, only a fraction of the money raised through the tax increase went to any school, or school related program.

This is what the government does. They find creative ways to name new taxes—which are actually old taxes—so they can steal more money from us. It’s absurdity like the rain tax—I’m sorry, impervious surfaces tax—that is killing our economy. Our government is a sluggish hog, waddling around, looking for more food. It is never satiated; it is never full. I call BS on this rain tax.