Maryland Governor Wants Illegal Kids to Remain in US, but NOT in His State

Have you ever noticed how liberal Democrats often insist on certain demands but only at the cost and burden of others, not themselves?

Such is the case with Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley who publicly criticized Obama’s plans to start deporting the illegal unaccompanied kids back to their home countries. He said that America should do the humanitarian thing and allow the kids to remain and integrate into the United States.

Then off camera, O’Malley called and spoke to Cecilia Munoz, the White House Domestic Policy Adviser, telling her not to send any of the illegals to his state. Apparently the conversation got quite heated. According to an unnamed Democratic source:

“He privately said ‘please don’t send these kids to Western Maryland.'”

What a hypocrite! O’Malley wants to allow thousands of illegal kids to remain in the US at taxpayer expense but just not in his state. He doesn’t want the cost or the community problems that go along with housing the illegals. I’ve seen first-hand how a nice family friendly community was turned into a crime infested run down area once a number of illegals moved in. My old neighborhood in Mesa, Arizona now looks like a Nogales slum, thanks to the influx of illegals. Obviously O’Malley doesn’t want that happening in his state, but he has no qualms about allowing it to happen in your state or your neighborhood.

I heard Mark Hyman’s comments about O’Malley’s hypocrisy and just had to share it with you. He makes a very good point, that all of the Washington politicians making the decisions about illegals know that it won’t affect them and they don’t care that it’ll affect you and me. Here is what he said:

“Bleeding heart liberals make demands. With the expectation that others will make the sacrifices, bear the burdens and foot the bill.”

“So here’s my proposal. Set-up housing for these aliens. Provide public assistance. And enroll them in school.”

“But only in the following locations: Manhattan; the Hamptons; Hollywood; Martha’s Vineyard; Chicago Hyde Park; McLean, Virginia; and Washington, DC.”

“Don’t send them to run-of-the-mill public schools.”

“Enroll them in:

* Columbia Prep overlooking Central Park [Tuition: $41,700];

* The Ross School in East Hampton, New York [Tuition: $39,400/boarding $62,000];

* The all-girls Marlborough School in LA [Tuition: $35,000];

* Falmouth Academy in Cape Cod [Tuition: $26,000];

* The University of Chicago Laboratory School [Tuition: $30,000] with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s kiddos;

* The Madeira School in McLean, Virginia [Tuition: $41,200/boarding $54,600];

* St. Albans in DC [Tuition: $41,200/boarding $55,700];

But it’s all-boys so enroll the girls in:

* Sidwell Friends School [Tuition: $37,000] where they can be BFFs with the Obama girls.”

“Some can board at the schools for the modest price tag of $62,000 a year. Taking care of housing and schooling at the same time.”

“After all, shouldn’t we all share the sacrifice?”

Hyman has a very good point. Why aren’t we seeing the government ship illegals to more affluent neighborhoods instead of smaller cities that can’t afford to take care of them? They need to be fair and share the illegals and make the wealthy politicians like O’Malley foot the bill for the care and education of the illegal kids, not us taxpayers. Most polls indicate that a vast majority of Americans favor immediate deportation of the illegal kids. Protests against the housing of the illegal kids have been spreading across the nation.

Personally, I believe that EVERY illegal alien in the US should be deported back to their home country and that the US should bill those countries for the costs incurred in detaining, holding, processing and deporting them. Then we need to bring our troops home from the Middle East and station them along the border to America instead of protecting Afghanistan and other foreign countries. National Security begins at home, not overseas.