Martin Bashir: Sorry for That Whole Sarah Palin/Defecation Rant Thing

Apparently, Bashir’s show on MSNBC is consistently one of the lowest rated shows among the big three news networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC. That’s mainly because liberal media’s targeted audience doesn’t care enough to be informed about politics. They just vote for the “popular” and “cool-looking” guy who can dance. So, as a result, liberal media’s ratings suffer. No one watches them.

They say that there’s no such thing as “bad publicity.” Any publicity is good publicity. And perhaps that’s why these liberal media hosts sink to the depths that they do in their “reporting.” They’re trying to market themselves to expand their shrinking audience. They know that they’re going to get bad press, but to them, that’s a whole lot better than getting no press, which is what they’re used to.

It’s why Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews are such ridiculous race-baiters. It’s why Piers Morgan is such a blowhard. And it’s why his fellow Brit co-worker Martin Bashir said what he said about Sarah Palin.

In his flowery British rhetoric, Bashir stated that someone should defecate and urinate in Palin’s mouth. All because she dared compare debt to slavery.

After it elicited the expected outrage from commentators everywhere, he offered his apology (in part):

Upon reflection, I so wish that I had been more thoughtful, more considerate, more compassionate, but I was not and what I said is now a matter of public record. But if I could add something to the public record, it would be this: that I deeply regret what I said, and that I have learned a sober lesson in these last few days. That the politics of vitriol and destruction is a miserable place to be, and a miserable person to become. And I promise that I will take the opportunity to learn from this experience. My hope is that it will renew in me a spirit of humility and humanity, that looks for the good and that builds upon the great things that this country has to offer to all of us, regardless of our political persuasion. This will be my guiding light and compass in the days ahead. But once again, I am truly sorry for what I said on Friday.

I don’t know if he’s sincere or not. We’ll have to wait and see if his vulgar rants sneak on to his teleprompter again.