Martin Bashir Is Afraid Of Ted Cruz

The never pretentious and painful to watch Martin Bashir recently bashed Ted Cruz on his MSNBC program, comparing him unfavorably to a character Cruz played while at Harvard Law School. During his time at Harvard, Cruz played the villainous part of Reverend Samuel Parris in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. MSNBC got their hands on a tape of the performance, then used it to mock Cruz relentlessly, in their typically unprofessional manner.

Bashir asks one of his guests if this is a case of art imitating life, to which the guest sarcastically responds: “Well let’s see. You have a pious, paranoid, self-important guy who launches witch hunts. No, I don’t see any parallel there at all.”

Clearly pleased with his guest, Bashir furthers the comparison, gleefully adding: “And don’t forget, Dana, at the end…the Reverend Parris is exposed as a sniveling parasite, isn’t he?”

Wow. What hard hitting insight! The Left will never stop attacking those it sees as direct threats to its dominance. If we view the Left as a single entity (which, considering Liberals seem to be of one mind, akin to ants, that’s not a stretch), its actions come as no surprise. The Left is a creature, not unlike an animal.

When an animal is threatened by another, it has one of three responses: it freezes, it fights, or it flees. The Left never freezes—it’s too smart to make that mistake. It rarely flees, unless totally cornered. The Left’s most common response to a threat is to fight. However, just as a zebra can’t very well win a fight with a lion, the Left cannot win a legitimate contest with the sheer power of Conservatism. Just as the zebra must flail, buck, and cry to escape from the clutches of the lion, the Left must mirror that effort.

When faced with a challenger against whom they cannot win, and of whom they are terrified, the Left simply hurls insults. Ted Cruz is the personification of aggressive Conservatism, and the Left is scared out of its mind. Martin Bashir and his crew of mud-slinging mavens clearly have nothing legitimate to say about Ted Cruz, so they attack him personally, targeting his perceived motivations. They flail and cry, accomplishing nothing. It’s really rather pathetic. They surely hope it sticks. It won’t.

Ted Cruz is a lion, and the Left is nothing more than prey.