Marco Rubio says of Obama – If He Could Take our Guns, He Would


On Sunday Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R-FL) sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopolous to talk about the ongoing campaign and one topic was of particular interest – Rubio’s thought on Obama’s gun plans.

George Stephanopolous: In one of your recent ads, you said that the president’s executive orders would “take away our guns.”

Where has the president called proposals for taking away guns? He has not done that.

Marco Rubio: His proposal for everything is to infringe on the Second Amendment… before even the facts are known, this is what he always resorts to.

George Stephanopolous: But “take away our guns”?

Marco Rubio: If he could, he would. Obviously he knows he is constrained by the Second Amendment, so he tries to chip away at it.