Marco Rubio says Embrace the Future and Become More Prosperous

In his most recent campaign ad, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), paints a hopeful and optimistic picture of the future. Using video recorded during a recent campaign trip through South Carolina (particularly Greenville, SC) the Rubio campaign shows what makes Marco Rubio such a formidable candidate – hope, optimism and clarity of purpose.

Watching this… it’s hard to imagine any of the other candidates being able to overcome the Rubio campaign for the White House. (And Rubio is like my 5th favorite candidate!)

“We’re going through a historic and rapid transformation in both the world and our economy. I believe with all my heart, I really do, that we could do in this country what you’ve done in this city. That we can embrace the future and enter an era even more prosperous than the one we leave behind.”