Marco Rubio goes Toe-to-Toe with Matt Lauer

On Tuesday GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio appeared on NBC’s the Today Show to discuss his campaign run with host Matt Lauer and things quickly took a turn for the confrontational.

Host Matt Lauer attempted to catch Rubio off guard by throwing a curve ball at him and pushing him to try and make him look bad on gun control. Sadly for Lauer, Rubio knows what he believes and why he believes it, and getting asked a few stupid questions from an arrogant talk show host is not going to throw him off of his game.

What I know is this, many of the proposals out there now on gun control would not have prevented that attack, or some of the others we’ve seen in the past. Unfortunately, in cases of mental illness and in the cases of someone who just wants a gun to carry out a crime, they’re not going to follow the law.

We need to start examining WHY it is that people are taking violent action, not what they’re using to commit the violent act. And we have two issues in this county. One is mental illness, which we need to address more seriously, as opposed to stigmatizing it or trying to push it aside. That’s a societal thing we need to confront as a society and a country. And the other is, of course, why have we become so violent? What is it that is leading people in this country who are not mentally ill to do the drive by shootings and things that we’ve seen.