Mandela: An Evil World Mourns An Evil Man

It kills me that people can be so blind.

It kills me when black people say the Democratic Party is looking out for their best interests.

It also kills me that the world, including a white South African friend of mine, mourns the death of Nelson Mandela.

Mandela, 95 years old at his death the other day, was the world’s second-most famous black man, right after Barack Obama and just ahead of Morgan Freeman.

He was a Communist. He was the head of a terrorist organization. He sang about killing white people.

But Mandela was an opponent of apartheid (when white Afrikaners pro-actively defended civil society) and he was black and had a cheerful smile, and therefore he has the world’s adoration.

Hold on a second…the world’s adoration? Then wouldn’t that mean he was a good man?

This is the argument my white South African friend made to me. “It might be wise,” he said, “to choose your words more carefully when speaking about a man that was loved the world over.”

The irony is that my friend is a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, who is simultaneously the most hated and loved man ever to have lived. In Jesus’ time, he was hated by most. Does that mean, then, that he was a bad man?

Just because Mandela is beloved by most of the world doesn’t mean he’s a good man. In fact, such a trait should always be a warning for us.

The world is an evil place inhabited by evil people. If the world loves a man, this is a very strong indicator that that man is evil.

This is one reason conservatives shouldn’t strive to be liked. If conservatives are liked, then they are doing something wrong. If they are tempering their message for politically correct ears and that message is embraced, then their message is wrong.

The more we’re hated, the more likely we’re correct. This raises quite a conundrum, however. How can we gain power and influence (let’s face it, that’s what we want) without being liked, and how can we be liked unless we abandon some principles?

Perhaps what we need in a presidential candidate is someone who will lie to America during the campaigns by telling everybody how moderate he is, but then, once he’s in office, show his true, right-wing colors.

Democrats use this tactic. They run as centrists, get elected, and govern as leftists. Republicans, on the other hand, run as conservatives and either fail to get elected, or, if they are elected, they then govern as centrists.

But I digress.

Nelson Mandela, beloved by an evil populace, left a legacy in South Africa in which whites are targeted in violent murders by blacks on a regular basis. Count me among those few who will not be mourning his passing.