Man Tricks Girlfriend Into Getting Abortion; Faced Life Sentence for Murder

Liberals say that an unborn baby is not actually a person. That’s why we can end an unborn baby’s life “legally.” It’s not murder, because murder is illegal. Abortion is legal; therefore, it must not be murder. Q.E.D.

If it’s not a person, then why is it that if a pregnant woman is murdered, and her unborn child also dies, the murderer is charged with a double homicide? I thought it wasn’t a person. Didn’t the Supreme Court “settle” that issue over 40 years ago?

There’s a case in Florida that involves a man who tricked his then-girlfriend into taking an abortion pill, which caused her to miscarry their child. He’s been sentenced to jail for nearly 14 years. But why? It was just a mass of tissue. It’s not like it had any feelings. She was only 7 weeks pregnant.

The Daily Caller reported:

 U.S. District Judge Richard A. Lazzara sentenced 29-year-old John Andrew Welden Monday, saying that while he did not think Weldon was an evil person, his action was evil.

“[A]nd for that he is going to have to pay the consequences,” Lazzara said, according to the Tampa Bay Times, sentencing Welden to 13 years and eight months in prison.

Welden accepted a plea deal last year to avoid a possible life sentence if convicted of murder under the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act, instead pleading to product tampering and mail fraud.

Welden found himself facing a possible life sentence after his girlfriend Remee Jo Lee refused to abort their baby and he tricked her into taking a Cytotec pill, resulting in her miscarriage.

I frankly don’t get it. If a girl wants to eliminate the child growing inside her, it’s her “right” to do so, and no one else needs to know about it. Besides, it’s not a person, because the Supreme Court said so. It’s just a vestigial part of her body. Her body, her choice.

At the same time, the legal system treats the fetus like a person in other cases. Like in the case above. All of a sudden, it is a person, even at 7 weeks gestation. The guy was facing a life sentence for murder before he entered a plea deal. Murder of what or whom exactly? All he should be charged with is at most assault, maybe battery, for harming a “part of her body.” Why is it that all of a sudden a less-than-7-week-old fetus is treated as a person?

Liberals should be outraged by this case. How dare this activist judge (appointed by Bill Clinton in 1997) consider this fetus a person! This 29-year-old was trying to do the “responsible” thing here. He and his girlfriend had no business having any kids, and he didn’t want to take care of the baby, so the best thing was to prevent it from ever being born.

I’m waiting for Wendy Davis to take up John Andrew Welden’s cause. Maybe her new slogan should be:  “Stand with Welden!”