Man Shoots and Kills Intruder to Protect his Brother and Mother

After two brothers, both of whom live with their 86-year-old mom in Indiana, heard the sound of an intruder breaking in the house, they moved their mom to her bedroom and went to investigate. When they got to the door, they saw that someone had broken in, but they didn’t see anyone. So, they went to find some tools to fix the broken door.

When the younger brother opened the cellar door, he was attacked by a man with a knife. The older brother sprang into action and fired his handgun at the man, killing him instantly. From The Blaze:

A 61-year-old Indiana man defended his younger brother from an attack early Tuesday morning, fatally shooting a knife-wielding home intruder.

Barry Frost, 59, and Terah Frost, 61, live at home with their 86-year-old mother, Yvonne Frost, in Orange County, Ind. According to WHAS, after the brothers heard an intruder break into the home, they moved their mother to her bedroom for protection and ventured downstairs.

Seeing only a broken door but no intruder, the brothers began looking for tools to fix the destruction.

But when brother Barry Frost opened the door to the cellar he was attacked by a man wearing a bandana and a hoodie and carrying a knife.

Terah Frost heard the altercation, came into the room and shot the attacker with a handgun, later identified as 23-year-old Jacob Grimes, killing him on the spot.

One lesson here is never to bring a knife to a gunfight.

But the other is never to break into someone’s house. Living a life of crime is risky business, and that’s the way it should be. Criminals should never feel safe doing what they do. You break into someone’s house and attack someone inside, you should expect to get shot and killed. The only place where criminals should feel more than welcome is inside gun-free zones.