Man Who Posed as TSA Agent and Groped Women Has Charges Dropped

Eric Slighton, fake TSA agent, was at the San Francisco International Airport when he stopped off at the airport bar and drank for a few hours. After reaching a sufficient level of intoxication, he lifted a pair of blue gloves from an agent, and having donned them, he asked two women on separate occasions to accompany him in the private screening room.

Apparently, both women were foreign and probably didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. They complied and after their “screening” went on their way to their flight. Another security agent noticed this guy was escorting women in the private screening room without a required female agent to accompany them. That’s when they got the police involved. Slighton was arrested for public intoxication and faced other charges.

But they don’t have enough evidence to convict him of anything. According to Business Insider:

Slighton, a resident of San Francisco and Hong Kong with an international ticket, told police officers that he’d been in the terminal drinking for hours before going to the security checkpoint, according to The Times.

While a bizarre story, the district attorney dropped charges against the man since there wasn’t much evidence against him, especially since the private screening rooms have no security cameras.

“We don’t know if anything improper did happen” in the screening room, Karen Guidotti, the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office Chief Deputy told CNN. “We were never able to locate those women.”

Security screening of passengers and baggage in San Francisco is done by Covenant Aviation Security, a private company under contract to TSA.

I still say they should have offered the guy a job. He obviously showed initiative and a strong desire to keep America safe from terrorists. He was probably just making sure those women weren’t hiding anything.