Man In Hospital Plays Knockout On His Own Nurse

From New York’s CBS affiliate:

Investigators were trying to determine Sunday why a hospital patient in Brooklyn allegedly turned on his nurse and beat her until she was unconscious.

The nurse who was beaten by this savage is 70 years old and is undergoing emergency surgery. She’s in critical condition because the patient she was taking care of couldn’t keep his fists from swinging.

What’s the name of this hospital patient?

The nurse was removing Kwincii Jones’ catheter at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in Brownsville when he knocked her to the ground and began beating her repeatedly, police said.

“Kwincii Jones.” What is that, Irish? Or, no, that’s a Jewish name, isn’t it? Hmm. Maybe Kwincii is a Quaker, raised by a God-fearing, tight-knit family?

You see, I’m trying really hard to avoid the obvious conclusion. Conclusions based on observed patterns can be racist, you know, and, gosh, I just don’t want to be called racist. I’d rather just not use my brain, thank you very much, and instead be stuck with the “racist” label. So I’ll assume the attacker was white.

Does the CBS article mention the guy’s race?

Crud, it doesn’t! Aghh! That settles it, then, agh, my suspicious were true and I’m, sob, a racist!

Police say the man was about to leave the hospital Friday afternoon when he became agitated, struck the nurse on the head and knocked her to the floor. She was unconscious as he kicked her about the face and head, causing serious injuries.

Why, Kwincii, why’d ya do it?! Couldn’t you have waited till you got outside before you started playing knockout again? Come on, man, honestly! Why couldn’t you control your violent impulses?

“I actually hear she was a sweet old lady,” one Brookdale employee told CBS 2. “That’s why it’s a little weird to me because I don’t know why it would happen. It’s not like she was mean or anything like that.”

His name is Kwincii Jones. We found the elusive reason right there, Brookdale employee.