Man Defends His Elderly Mother With a Gun From Armed Home Intruder

It was a good thing Kenny Guffey got himself and his family concealed carry permits and gun training classes about a year ago. He didn’t even think he or his family would need guns. He just thought it would be a good idea just in case.

Well, that case happened. He was on the phone with his 83-year-old mom Christine when he heard her on the other end say that someone had broken into her house and was wielding a knife. Thankfully, he was about 2 minutes away from her house. And thankfully, he had a gun.

When he got there, he entered her house with his gun drawn, and he saw the man standing with a shovel over his mom. The intruder took his shovel and knocked the gun out of Kenny’s hand. They wrestled, and Kenny got his gun back, sat on top of the man and held the gun at his head while his mom called 911.

29-year-old Colin Patrick Lynch was eventually arrested following Christine’s 911 call.

Kenny credits God’s providence with how things turned out in his family’s favor:  “God just worked this out and put me that close to her house. Because that’s the only way we’re both alive – we could have both been hurt bad,” he remarked.

Just think if he hadn’t had a gun. What if they had to wait 20 minutes for the police to show up? Would Christine still be alive? We don’t really know. Aren’t liberals always talking about how everyone should support gun control laws, even if they only save one life? Well, here is a life that was saved. Two lives even. But don’t hold your breath waiting for any liberal to congratulate Kenny on being a responsible son defending his own mother with a gun. They’ll likely get on to him for “reckless endangerment” or something, because something bad could have happened with that gun.

Yes, and something bad also could have happened if he didn’t have that gun. But liberals don’t care about that. From their perspective, it’s better for an innocent and defenseless person to be killed at the hands of a criminal, than for a criminal to be killed by an innocent person with a gun.