Man Booted Out of Voting Booth for Wearing 2nd Amendment T-Shirt

Liberals claim that voter ID laws disenfranchise voters. Particularly Blacks and Latinos. I mean, how else are illegal aliens going to vote Democrat? How else are Blacks supposed to vote four times if they have to show their ID in order to vote? How racist.

Well, who needs voter ID law disenfranchisement when you’ve got poll workers booting voters out the door for wearing the wrong kind of t-shirt?

They already have laws in place that prohibit people from campaigning for or placing signs for some candidate within 100 feet of the polling location. You can’t even wear shirts that advertise for a particular candidate. I think that’s silly, but it’s the law. At least in many states.

Here’s a guy in Texas who came in to the polling location wearing a shirt advertising not for his favorite candidate, but for the 2nd Amendment, according to InfoWars:

Chris Driskill was prevented from voting at the Waller County Courthouse on Tuesday after officials claimed he was violating Texas Election Code section 85.036, which states that “a person may not electioneer for or against any candidate, measure, or political party” in or within 100 feet of a voting location.

“I heard a gentleman’s voice over my shoulder say ‘he can’t vote with that shirt on. You’ll have to either turn it inside out our you’ll have to leave,’” Driskill told KVUE.

The officials used the election law to throw Driskill out of the voting booth even though the shirt simply stated “Second Amendment – 1789 – America’s Original Homeland Security” on the front without any mention of a political candidate or proposition.

This is Texas after all, and I’m sure most people there are acquainted with the 2nd Amendment. I guess the poll workers would argue that the 2nd Amendment is a “measure,” and Driskill was “electioneering” for it.

Either that, or they surmised that he must be a Republican, because Democrats don’t support the 2nd Amendment. Or the rest of the Constitution for that matter. So, he was advertising a political party, which violates Texas Election Code.

But the 2nd Amendment is nothing new. It’s not like it’s up for a vote. It’s been cemented into place for centuries. Those candidates in the running who win, no matter which party, will more than likely have to swear an oath to the U.S. Constitution, which includes the 2nd Amendment.

Liberals want Blacks and Latinos to be able to vote without their IDs. But if you dare come in wearing a pro-Constitution t-shirt, you’re outta here!