Man Arrested for Exercising Second Amendment While Voting

No Second Amendment for Voters?

A man was arrested on Tuesday for carrying a handgun while visiting his polling location to cast his votes. According to The Blaze:

After he walked through the doors at an Alabama polling place Tuesday morning, open-carry activist Robert Kennedy Jr. had a choice to make: Turn around and put his loaded .357 Magnum Taurus revolver in his vehicle or get arrested.

Chatting with a sheriff’s deputy in the lobby of Pelham’s First Baptist Church Annex, Kennedy chose the handcuffs.

“I was not going to surrender a right to exercise a right, and they’re grasping at straws to find something to arrest me for because people all over the state carried into the polls with their open-carry firearms to vote, and only in Shelby County is it an issue,” Kennedy, 58, told after his release from jail Tuesday.

Kennedy, a founding member of BamaCarry, was turned away at the polls for the June primary election but wore a firearm when voting in the July runoff and wasn’t arrested, reported.

Still he faces two misdemeanors after Tuesday’s drama, said: voting obstruction and possession of a firearm at a demonstration, according to jail records. Kennedy’s bond was set at $1,500, WBRC-TV reported.

“I knew I had not done anything wrong or violated any laws,” Kennedy told “What’s he going to arrest me for? I threatened no one. I did not obstruct anyone. I did not intimidate anyone. I did not coerce anyone. I did not interfere with anyone’s right to vote.”

Since when is voting in an election considered a “demonstration?” And how was he obstructing anyone else from voting? I’m pretty sure the cop who arrested him had his piece on him. So, if the law is meant to deter people from carrying a weapon, all because it might scare other voters away, then that cop should comply as well. Maybe his very presence in the polling location with his gun out in the open scared some people from voting.

I don’t have any problem with the guy carrying his handgun out in the open. It wouldn’t have scared me, nor would it have deterred me from voting.

However, I’m also the type not to do something like this, knowing full well that I’d be arrested for it. If you want to change the law, I don’t think this is the way to do it. But, to each his own, I guess.