Man Arrested, Charged with Felony for Having Secret Compartment in His Truck

The government is trying to eliminate all means of privacy in its citizens. They want surveillance cameras on us at all times. They want to be able to track our locations. They want to monitor our internet usage, read our e-mails, and listen in on our phone conversations. They want to be able to give us full body cavity searches for the most minor traffic code violations. Any excuse they can think of to violate our privacy. No secrets allowed.

Unless you work for the government, in which case they deserve all the secrecy and privacy they can get and all the money needed to cover up or lie about any scandals that happen to leak. And they still manage to call themselves “transparent.”

A new Ohio law prohibits the possession of secret compartments in vehicles. Their predictable justification is that they’re trying to crack down on drug traffickers. But what if they find a secret compartment in someone’s vehicle with nothing in it?

That’s still against the law, and it’s the reason one Ohio driver was arrested and charged with a felony, according to The Blaze:

Police initially pulled over 30-year-old Norman Gurley for speeding, but then noticed “several wires running to the back of the car,” WKYC-TV reports. The wires led the cops to a hidden compartment.

Even though a search turned up no drugs, guns or other illegal items, police were authorized to arrest him because the new law makes simply driving a “trap” car a felony. It was reportedly the first arrest made under the new law in Northeast Ohio.

“Without the hidden compartment law, we would not have had any charges on the suspect,” Lt. Michael Combs, of the State Highway Patrol, said.

According to WKYC-TV, the “hide” on Gurley’s vehicle was accessed electronically, “meaning you needed to perform a series of events in the correct order, and the the false floor seats or taillights would then pop out, revealing the secret compartment.”

Though there are some critics of the law, Combs argues that it helps combat criminals involved in the illegal trade.

“We apparently caught them between runs, so to speak, so this takes away one tool they have in their illegal trade. The law does help us and is on our side,” he said.

While it’s unclear if Gurley is involved in drug dealing, Combs said the “hide” in his car was big enough to carry several pounds of drugs.

I’d post the news video, but I don’t want to subject you to such disgusting propaganda. And the news hosts do it with smiles on their faces, applauding this law and congratulating the “observant” police who make a living out of shredding the Constitution.

They’re calling this guy a “suspect” already simply because he had a hidden compartment. There was no evidence to suggest that this man was a criminal, except that he took his vehicle to a velocity greater than what was arbitrarily chosen to be the “limit.”

What if that compartment was there when he bought the truck? And so what if he had it installed? There was nothing in the compartment, and there was no reason to search his truck in the first place if all he did was speed.

But again, so what if he had a compartment that was hidden from public view? That, in and of itself, is not reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed or is going to be committed. This is like saying that if you have a gun, it probably means you’re a criminal, because criminals use guns.

They often describe one’s vehicle as an extension of one’s house. Do you have a safe in your home where you keep valuables? Do you have a “secret” room hidden behind a bookcase? Should these things also be prohibited? After all, people might hide things like marijuana or even cash or gold there. Remember, no secrets allowed. The only people concerned about privacy and so-called “unreasonable searches” are criminals. So, if you have any kind of safe or hidden room or compartment, even the crawl space under a flight of stairs, the government will use that against you if they find out about it:  “You may not have anything illegal in there right now, but all that means is that you’re ‘between runs.’” And then listen to the propagandists on the local “news” team congratulate the police for bravely getting you off the street and into a jail cell where you belong.