Man Arrested for Alerting Drivers of Police Speed Trap

They say if you don’t want to get a speeding ticket, then don’t speed. Police are only trying to keep everyone safe. This is why they lie in wait around a corner at night and sneak up on you to pull you over and ticket you for driving too fast. They’re legitimately concerned for your safety. It has nothing to do with raising revenue or meeting quotas. Remember, quotas don’t exist. Or at least that’s what they say.

A man named Ron Martin in Frisco, Texas was arrested allegedly for violating a sign ordinance. He was standing on the median of a 6-lane divided roadway and holding a sign that read:  “Police Ahead.” Ahead of him was a police speed trap. He was alerting drivers to slow down so that they wouldn’t get a ticket would keep other drivers safe.

If it’s about safety, the police should be in favor of this faithful civil servant, staying true to his duty and reminding his fellow citizens and drivers to drive safely and under the speed limit. Martin himself commented:

“Ultimately, we’re trying to do the exact same thing. I just don’t wear a uniform. I’m the same thing as a speed limit sign, just reminding people that there is a limit here.”

But then, if people aren’t speeding, how are they going to issue speeding tickets? If they can’t issue speeding tickets, how are they supposed to raise money? If they can’t raise money, how will they be able to buy that new armored tank they’ve been wanting? Well, it’s sort of a toss up between the armored tank and the drone. Why not get both? [The previous 3 sentences were meant to be jokes. I don’t know anything about Frisco Police Department’s specific desire to obtain military toys. I was musing in general terms with the intent to draw attention to just some of the reasons police departments may want to raise as much money as possible through the issuance of speeding tickets and citations for other minor traffic code violations. I would like to take this moment to apologize humbly and deeply to those I may have offended with my caustic sarcasm:  sorry.]

While many people will argue that this guy actually was violating a sign ordinance and that his arrest had nothing to do with his alerting drivers of a speed trap, I would argue that the sign ordinance violation was merely the excuse for his arrest.

Would the police be equally peeved if there had been a group of high school girls hosting a carwash and advertising for it? Would they have also gotten arrested?

There’s no law against “alerting drivers of police speed trap.” So, there had to be some other law that he was breaking that would make him go away, since his sign was slowing drivers down, something that police say they want.

It’s like the group of people in Missouri who held a sign over a freeway that read “Impeach Obama.” Some of the members of the group were arrested. The police called their holding of the banner a “public hazard.” Surrrrrre. It had nothing to do with the fact that they were voicing their politically incorrect opinion about Obama, surely causing outrage among offended drivers who probably called in their complaints to the local police. It had everything to do with “keeping drivers safe.”

H/T:  Eric Peters Autos