Majority of Americans Want More illegals Deported Not Less

Since Barack Obama assumed the presidency, he has defied the US Constitution and his oath of office by refusing to enforce the current immigration laws. He took it upon himself to bypass Congress and act like the dictator he is, to curb the deportation of millions of illegal aliens. Instead, he again breaks the law by bypassing Congress to declare that nearly a million illegals can stay in the country, get jobs, get benefits and even vote illegally.

He claims that the number of deportations under his regime has increased, but when you talk to Border Patrol and ICE agents, they are turning illegals loose on the streets at a much higher rate than ever before. Before Obama, most illegals that were detained were deported, but now, only those who have a previous felony record are detained and deported. OOPS!  I need to clarify that. Last year thousands of illegals that were slated for deportation because of criminal records were set free instead because of the infamous Sequestration. Why they weren’t deported instead, no one can answer except the Democrats who will need their illegal votes in November.

When you turn to the mainstream media, their loyalty to Obama is all too prevalent as they post story after story about the poor illegals and all the hardships they are enduring as a result of their breaking US immigration laws. They are doing their best to turn Americans in bleeding heart liberals who should embrace the illegals with open arms and wallets.

But how do the American people really feel about illegal aliens and deportation?

The latest Rasmussen Reports asked that question and found that 52% of the people said that the US government is not being aggressive enough in deporting illegal aliens. The remaining 48% broke down as 22% agree with current level of deportation, 14% believe the government is too aggressive and 11% were undecided.

In the Rasmussen Reports survey taken last November, 54% of the people said that they believed the federal government actually encourages illegal immigration due to Obama’s policies and practices.

Virtually everyone that I know back in Arizona and California believe that the US government is not being aggressive enough in deporting illegal aliens. The last time I was back in Arizona to visit, I was shocked to see my old neighborhood in Mesa has turned into a Mexican haven. Virtually everyone we knew had moved out of the area. The houses and yards in the neighborhood looked trashy. The local grocery store we used to shop at was all Hispanic and I couldn’t read most of the signs they had posted.

Family and friends have told me that the entire section of town where we lived now has a high crime rate and that you would not want to walk out on the street at night. Many of the houses in the area now contained 15-30+ illegals that move from house to house as needed because of law enforcement.

They also tell me that many of the smaller hospitals and emergency clinics within 100 miles of the border have closed because of treating illegals. Where many Americans have to pay for their medical care, illegals get free medical care and the number of illegals being treated by these hospitals and clinics is so overwhelming that they cannot afford to keep their doors open.

When I speak to friends who were legal immigrants, they all feel that every illegal should be arrested and deported and forced to enter the country through the same procedures they went through. One good friend who legally immigrated here told me that Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and deport every illegal is a personal affront to him and his family.

Personally, I believe that every illegal should be deported and forced to enter the country legally like everyone else does. We need to stop giving them handouts and allowing them to steal jobs from American citizens and make life so difficult for them that they don’t want to come here or return after being deported.