The Mainstream Media Has Become Skynet

On December 15th Breitbart News reported that an armed guard saved students’ lives when Karl Halverson Pierson began firing his shotgun inside Arapahoe High School. As more details emerge, it has become evident that the guard — a county deputy resource officer — did this by running toward the shooter in a way that ended the entire incident in 80 seconds.” – Awr Hawkins

If the quote above didn’t have its source in the text, would you have ever believed it came from the mainstream media? If not, why? That, right there, is the defining trait of a corrupt media. When news gets chopped up in order to preserve a set agenda, that is when the media has lost all value. The mainstream, liberal media would have never published that quote, let alone the story that followed, because it disrupts their settled agenda. It sits outside the framework of the enclosure in which they have placed all Americans.

I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again: no gun control law would have stopped this kid from obtaining a gun. The Left pushes “gun control” as the perfect solution. If only the evil Republicans would support their gun control agenda, no one would ever be hurt again. If we had no guns, there would be no violence. That’s not true. The media goes along with the corrupt Democrats because the media is full of Democrats. They share ideals, and support each other. They’re like a fantastic friendship, but severely twisted.

The fact that this shooting was stopped after approximately 80 seconds is incredible. There’s also a reason that it ended so quickly: a good guy with a gun. I’m not sure how the media will deal with this; they might brush over it, letting it get lost in the flow of words, or they might not mention it at all, turning the focus on the culprit’s gun. However they go about it, the media will be in full blackout regarding this crucial detail.

The worst part about this is that low-information voters will never know the truth. The next time gun control is brought up, they will have no information outside of “guns are bad.” With only one half of the picture, they will have no ability or reason to believe anything else besides what the Democrats want them to believe. The media operates as another arm of the Obama machine.

I feel like I’m in a Terminator film. The Obama administration has accrued so much power that they have become like Skynet, controlling everything, enslaving the minds of everyone. And we’re like Sarah Connor, trying to protect the truth and get it out to save the world. It’s an uphill battle, but we can win it. We must become the new media. Individuals must let low-info friends and family in on the secret that guns aren’t the bad guy. We must give them the truth that the ┬áSkynet media will not.