Lying IRS: How a Scandal Grows

As the lies told by the IRS continue to unravel the only question which remains is when the slow drip of truth about their willful harassment of conservatives will finally stop? It seems unlikely to be any time soon. Today Reuters is reporting that IRS officials in Washington were notified of the wrongheaded practices of the Cincinnati field office more than a year earlier than they have previously admitted.

A mid-level IRS agent was told to add the words “Tea Party” and “Patriot” to a BOLO (Be on the lookout) list that was distributed to the field officers as they did their work. That mid-level executive, Elizabeth Hofacre, accidentally sent an email in 2010 that detailed the operation to the entire IRS Exempt Organizations Rulings and Agreements unit, including officials in Washington, DC. Until now the officials in Washington have claimed that the earliest they knew about these possible issues was 2011.

Investigators are still searching for who sent the order to place the BOLO, but they are seemingly getting closer to the truth as new interviews seem to place the burden of blame squarely on the shoulders of superiors based in Washington. Two different agents have contended that the DC office was intimately involved in the process from the beginning.

If these contentions are true – then the IRS leaders who testified before Congress over the last few weeks will have more questions to answer.  The testimony of several of these field officers directly contradicts the official story coming out of the IRS offices in Washington, and it directly contradicts the answers that they gave before Congress. Lying to Congress is a federal offence, and be sure that if they were lied to, Congress will seek their pound of flesh.

animal_house_2Things just keep getting worse for the IRS. Now that extra scrutiny is being applied to the agency, the media is discovering that the IRS was run much like the General Services Administration (GSA), or in common parlance, a frat house. At a time when the country was reeling through the Great Recession and most government agencies were complaining about lacking the funds to properly do their jobs, the IRS was wasting millions of dollars in lavish parties, gifts, and conferences.

If voters weren’t questioning the wisdom of allowing the IRS to handle the implementation of Obamacare before – they are surely asking questions now! Further, the growing list of scandals has to cast doubt on the competency of the entire federal government, not just the individual agencies it employs.  The problems are obviously endemic as no one agency is controlled by the same bureaucrats. The truth of the matter is the federal government has grown too big and lacks the competency to be trusted with anything as important as our healthcare.

The time has come to end the farce that is the IRS, and the quickest way to do that is to abolish income taxes and Obamacare altogether. Once that’s done, the IRS raison d’etre is gone and so is the IRS.