Luis Gutierrez May Spoil Hillary Clinton 2016; Act Now!

A Leftist Third-Party Candidate can wreck the Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential run.

Third Party candidates: they’re always the spoilers for conservatives. No matter the situation, no matter the affiliation, whenever a third wheel candidate runs in what should be a two Party race, they siphon votes away from the conservative candidate. This is because, generally speaking, third wheel candidates are either Libertarian, or “Independent.” There are segments of the Republican Party that lean Libertarian, or “Independent,” and only vote Republican because the Republican Party is more closely aligned with their beliefs than the Democratic Party. It’s an issue of scales, and degrees for them. And in cases in which another option is available, these unbelievably stupid people decide to give the election to the Democrats.

Since the rise of the Tea Party in 2009, there is constant speculation every election cycle regarding the possibility of running a third Party candidate, should a liberal establishment Republican clinch the nomination. It’s an absurd notion, because, as I explained above, third Party candidates nearly ALWAYS siphon votes from the Republicans. But what would happen if a very liberal candidate ran as a third Party candidate? That may just be the case in 2016.

According to Tony Lee of Breitbart:

Left-wing Latino activists are reportedly getting ready to launch a ‘Draft Gutierrez’ movement to lure Rep. Gutierrez, the 10-term Democrat from Illinois who has been one of the most vocal proponents of massive amnesty legislation, into the presidential race if President Barack Obama does not go big enough on his executive amnesty…Liberal activists who do not trust Hillary Clinton on the issues may have another candidate to consider in Gutierrez, who could enter the presidential contest like Jesse Jackson did in the 1984…”

If, and when (let’s be honest) Hills gets the coronation—I mean, nomination—she will certainly be a force to be reckoned with. But if Luis Gutierrez jumps in, he will most assuredly siphon votes from the liberal base, specifically the Latino community, on which the Democrats so heavily rely. This turn of events could clinch the election for the Republican nominee, whoever it may be. Once again, let’s be honest, with the luck of conservatives, and the stupidity of low-info voters, it’s likely that an establishment Republican will get the nomination in 2016–someone like Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie. This candidate will be so fearful of the media, and the Democrats, that he will fall apart. But a spoiler in the form of Gutierrez could change the game. And even the worst Republican is better than the best Democrat.

I’m not usually a cynic, and I am pushing hard for a Ted Cruz nomination, because he is a once-in-a-lifetime candidate who would crush Hillary in the general election, but if we are forced, once again, with the prospect of a loser candidate, this Gutierrez spoiler may come in handy.

According to

“…a local activist who heads the group Centro Sin Fronteras…said her group plans to begin collecting signatures on draft-Gutierrez petitions on Nov. 4 and will act if the president does not deliver by Nov. 27.”

So, if you want a Hillary spoiler, find this draft-Gutierrez petition, and sign it! If nothing else, it would be fun to spoil a Democratic candidate for once. I know I’ll sign it.