LSU Anti-Christian PhotoShopped Image

This time of year, college football is second to none for millions of students and fans across the nation.  However, for one group of students, college football is second to the love of Jesus Christ.

The Painted Posse is a group of Christian students who attend Louisiana State University (LSU).  Before every LSU football game, they take off their shirts and paint their chests and faces in LSU’s purple and gold colors.  They also show their love of Christ by painting a purple cross on the gold background located on their upper left chest.

Images of the Painted Posse are routinely seen on televised football games and in various posts or articles about the LSU football program.  One such use of their photo was done by the school itself when they used it in an email they sent out on Oct. 13 about the LSU Tigers’ 23-21 victory over the third ranked South Carolina Gamecocks.  When the students of the Painted Posse saw the email, they were shocked and outraged that the school had Photoshopped the crosses out of the photo.

Cameron Cooke, a member of the Painted Posse told

“I was a bit surprised, because our pictures get used so frequently, and the cross had never been edited before.

“The cross painting is important to me because it represents who I am as a Christ follower, and it reminds me who I need to act like in Death Valley.” (Death Valley is the campus nickname for the LSU football stadium.)

The school’s excuse is so typical of the liberal mentality these days.  According to Herb Vincent, Vice Chancellor for Communications, the crosses were Photoshopped out so as not to offend other students.  He told

“LSU Athletics attempts not to imply any particular religious or political message in any of its correspondence with fans.  Thus the crosses were edited out of the photos.”

In other words, it’s okay to offend Christians by removing the symbol of their faith, but it’s not okay to offend others by allowing them to see the crosses.  I am so sick and tired of hearing this lame and very discriminating excuse that supposedly is supposed to be neutral, but it isn’t.

By removing the crosses or anything else Christian is giving into the demands and ways of anti-Christians.  When was the last time you heard of someone being removed because it offended a Christian?  A few years ago, a very vulgar film about Jesus was removed from a number of theaters because so many Christians complained.  But let one non-Christian complain, and any resemblance of Christ, the Bible or Christianity is instantly removed.

If I were the Painted Posse, I would look into taking legal action against the school for religious discrimination.  I wish more Christians would stand up for their faith and take action when someone tries to force them to hide their faith because it might offend someone else.  Perhaps if Christians did stand up for their faith, we would not be in as much of a mess as we are today in America.