Love, Tolerance, and Parenting a Duke University Pornstar

The biggest news story in America (this week) is that of the female Duke student who pays for her tuition by acting in porn videos using the name Belle Knox.

Her father recently came back from a tour in Afghanistan as a doctor in the US Army and discovered the wonderful surprise that his daughter is a whore.

Miss Knox’s sister-in-law (her brother’s wife) got in on the media action and said that Knox’s father and mother were devastated and disappointed, but that they still supported their daughter because they love her.

This has opened a discussion in comment threads about family acceptance, tolerance, blah, blah, blah.

So what is meant by “tolerance”? What does it mean that your family supports you even though they disagree with your decisions? I need to know so that when I’m a father, and if my sons or daughters start acting out, I can use the correct terminology.

Modern liberals speak as if tolerating means embracing, applauding, participating, encouraging, etc. If you do not do one of those four things, you are being intolerant.

But to tolerate something means you do not endorse it at all; you hate it, in fact, but you know that ultimately there is nothing you can do or nothing you are willing to do. You’re tolerating it, but you don’t like it. That’s true tolerance.

Not having kids myself, I can only assume that I will love them unconditionally. But love is not related to tolerance. If my daughter starts banging guys on camera, I will be as intolerant of that as Jesus was of sin. I would immediately cut off whatever funding I’m giving her (which hopefully won’t be much to begin with), and if she’s living with me, well, she won’t be anymore.

Liberals believe that parents should accept whatever choices their kids make, that parents should be their kids’ best friends. In their minds, acceptance, or tolerance, proves their parents love them.

But that just isn’t so. If I love my daughter and she’s doing something that is harmful to her soul, such as engaging in porn, I am not going to enable that. If I truly love her, I’m going to make her as uncomfortable in doing harmful things as possible. I’m not going to support her in any way; I love her, after all, so why would I support her doing something that damages her?

Miss Knox has now denied that her family is disappointed in her, saying that her sister-in-law “doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” But I hope she’s wrong. I hope for her sake that her parents are intolerant and “mean” and, in a true show of love, that they stop enabling her lifestyle choice.