London Police To Try “Positive Discrimination”

“Do not ever say that the desire to ‘do good’ by force is a good motive. Neither power-lust nor stupidity are good motives.” – Ayn Rand

It is often said that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Very few people set out to make bad choices. However, good intentions aren’t an excuse for bad behavior, nor do they excuse ignorance. In fact, it could be argued that bad decisions made out of ignorance, or made without a proper understanding of the situation at hand, are worse than those made deliberately, because those bad decisions could have been avoided if the person making them had cared enough to do their research.

So much of the liberal ideology is perpetuated by people who don’t understand what they believe, or why they believe it. Ask any self-proclaimed liberal a series of “why” questions and I guarantee they will eventually crumble, or fall into a maze of circular answers. The reason liberals can’t find the foundations for what they believe is because they don’t exist. Like a Ponzi scheme, each layer below the surface becomes weaker, and weaker.

One of the most upsetting examples showing the baselessness of liberal ideology is affirmative action. At one time, there was a need to make sure minorities were being hired by employers who may not have otherwise hired them because of the racial tensions of the time. That time has come to an end. It came to an end long ago, but liberals don’t get that. I could go on about the elites who know that by continuing to promote affirmative action, they are securing minority votes, but that’s not who I’m talking about. The people about whom I am talking are the ones who are under the veil of ignorance. These people really believe that affirmative action is a good thing. There is a big difference between the two groups. One is a cynical political cabal, while the other is a group of people who—out of extreme ignorance—truly believe in what they are doing.

To those people, the ones who so fervently believe in affirmative action, I’d like to refer them to the following story. According to Nick Hallett:

“London’s Metropolitan Police will have to recruit one ethnic minority officer for every white officer they take on, according to radical plans to end accusations of racism. Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe called for a change to the law to allow ‘positive discrimination’ and recruit more officers of black and ethnic minority origin.”

“Hey, Look! Look at us! We’re not racists! We have black people now!” At this point, we might as well just vote for a presidential candidate because he’s black. Oh…wait. It’s insulting, not only to minorities, but also to the police department, to “positively discriminate.”

What good does this do? Ask yourself that question. Ok, so there will be more minority representation on the police force in London. And that’s great. But why is it great? Well, because…there will be more minority representation on the police force in London. The reasoning behind affirmative action was to avoid discrimination which, at one time, was systemic. It was culturally ingrained. Now that institutional racism isn’t so institutional, what is the benefit of affirmative action? There is none, and in fact, it’s detrimental.

Affirmative action says three things. First, it says that minorities can’t possibly succeed on their own. It says that minorities are helpless, so they need help from white people. I don’t know about you, but I find that incredibly insulting. Second, it says that merit means nothing. When hiring is no longer based on merit, but rather on the PR needs of the organization doing the hiring, we might as well throw out our education, and training. Qualification is the sole reason our economy functions. It is the reason companies succeed or fail. It’s why we go to school. If qualification now includes race, everything else becomes nearly arbitrary. Finally, affirmative action is–ironically enough–discriminatory. It discriminates against Caucasian people. Should someone not get a job simply because their competitor is black? There are those who would say that the ends justify the means, but I don’t want to live in a country which has simply traded one form of discrimination for another.

Affirmative action is outdated, and dangerous. It may sound great on the surface, but it is rotten underneath. Don’t be fooled. Dig deeper. Find your foundations.