Local Governments Cracking Down On Church Groups Who Feed The Homeless

Christians are often called hypocrites for their opposition to taxpayer-funded and government-administered welfare programs, while not taking a proactive role in taking care of the poor and needy. Or for being opposed to abortion while not proactively trying to adopt those who otherwise would have been aborted.

Of course, these are mischaracterizations, but it is true that we don’t all have the means to do these things. And the fact that some of us aren’t able to adopt kids or provide for the poor and needy doesn’t mean that abortion and welfare must be OK after all.

One possible reason that people have a hard time being proactive in helping others is that many times, they’re not allowed to.

Anthony Gucciardi with StoryLeak.com highlighted some recent events where church groups had attempted to feed the homeless and were subsequently shut down or threatened with jail time and fines:

Back on November 29th, I was alerted to the reality that a church group handing out meals for Thanksgiving at a local park had been told by law enforcement to leave or face potential arrest. The story was ultimately read by millions worldwide after it was syndicated from Storyleak through Infowars and other news platforms. And while it was truly concerning, I was still under the impression that it must have been a remotely isolated incident. On the night of December 5th, however, I was disturbed to find yet another church coming forward in revealing a complete attack on their ability to feed thousands of homeless men and women.

In a story now reiterated by numerous other church heads who continue to contact me through email, a Washington-based church out of Olympia is now facing government attack after handing out more than 5,000 meals per month for the last two years. Now, amid the holiday season, the group known as ‘Crazy Faith Ministries’ has been hit with a bureaucratic siege of red tape for handing out the thousands of meals via a public parking lot…

Unsuccessful in getting the group to vacate, the city is now attempting to use red-tape and bureaucracy by passing a new ordinance that would require the group to purchase permits for any activity in city-owned parking lots. Using any lot without permission from the city government could result in fines and jail time.

The government is making it increasingly difficult for people to do the right thing. It wants to be the ones to “take care” of people, and they don’t want anyone’s help. Everyday citizens want to donate their time, money and food to those in need, because it’s the right thing to do. Government views that as competition. They alone want to be the ones in control of welfare, not because they believe they’re doing the right thing in helping people. They just want the control over people, and they want to make the Church as irrelevant as possible.